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How a product platform can drive business outcomes

Companies everywhere are feeling pressure to deliver more while spending less, especially when it comes to improving digital experiences for customers. And at the same time, user expectations have never been higher.

The most effective way to deliver on experiences users love? Leveraging a product experience platform. Watch this recording to hear Howie Bienstock, director, value consulting at Pendo, Derek Duoba, senior product manager at Pendo, and Shona Fenner, senior customer operations manager at Petdesk, share key learnings on:

  • The value of a product experience platform
  • How to use analytics to gather deep–and actionable–insights about users
  • How to segment and target users with in-app guides effectively
  • How to build feedback collection into your workflows
  • Uniting all three–analytics, guides, and feedback–with a platform like Pendo

The all-in-one platform for digital transformation

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