How to use Pendo to solve 10 common business inefficiencies

In our current economic climate, business leaders are being forced to make difficult decisions about where they spend their time and money in order to operate more efficiently. The good news? Using your product to do more with less can unlock efficiencies to keep your business growing during lean times.

Join us as Pendo’s Marcus Andrews (Director, Product Marketing) and Hannah Chaplin (Product Marketing Principal) deep-dive into “The inefficiency report.” They’ll explore 10 common areas of inefficiency most software companies are facing today and demonstrate how Pendo helps overcome them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The top 10 ways companies are wasting time and money by operating inefficiently
  • What these inefficiency areas look and feel like to your customers and employees
  • How to use Pendo to turn your product into an efficiency driver—so you can stretch your resources further and focus on the work that truly moves the needle

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