Webinar: The digital learning experience: what’s next? // Watch now

The digital learning experience: what’s next?

We’re at a time of unprecedented change and edtech holds the key to maximising the digital learning experience. However, educational requirements continue to evolve. What do edtech providers need to be thinking about as we go into summer recesses and breaks in terms of their own product development? What trends do we anticipate later in the year that edtechs need to prepare for now?

In this webinar we explore the future of education and the role of technology moving forward. Marcus Fields is co-founder and managing director of SchoolCloud, a school operations platform, and Eric Swanson, VP of Product Management, Practice, and Instruction at Renaissance Learning, a learning analytics company that makes educational software and adaptive assessments. They join Pendo’s Chief Product Officer, Brian Crofts, to discuss the state of edtech now, and where it will go moving forward.

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