Evolution of the Product Manager: How the Role will Change in 2020

Register now to learn what trends will affect product managers in 2020. Spoiler alert: the product-led movement will definitely be one.

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How to Reduce Churn with Pendo, Looker, and Fivetran

With our partners Looker and Fivetran, we break down how to export and enrich your product data so you can understand the factors affecting customer retention and churn.


How to Build Data-Driven Design Systems

Learn how to craft and implement a data-driven design system, drive success with thoughtful team structure and internal alignment, fuel rapid iteration by integrating qualitative and quantitative feedback, and more.



Pendorama: New York City

Our customer event roadshow hits New York City. This event series features curated content from Pendo experts and best practices from some of the most innovative product-led organizations in our community.

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Sep 23-25

Cleveland, OH

Sep 25-26

San Francisco, CA

Sep 28

Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 3

San Francisco, CA

Oct 11

Toronto, Canada

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Oct 14-16

Dublin, Ireland

Oct 19

Toronto, Canada

Oct 29

San Francisco, CA

Oct 31-1


London, UK

Nov 8-9

Washington DC

Nov 12

Los Angeles, CA

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