The Rise of Product Ops

Join Pendo CPO Brian Crofts and Product Collective co-founder Mike Belsito as they break down the five core areas of the product ops function, why it’s on the rise, and where it fits within the larger product environment.

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Evolution of the Product Manager: How the Role will Change in 2020

Over the past four years, we’ve discussed everything from agile to the consumerization of enterprise software to design thinking. Come hear what trends will affect product managers in 2020. Spoiler alert: the product-led movement will definitely be one.


Know what to build next with Pendo Feedback

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Pendo Feedback helps you gather product feedback from your customers, colleagues and prospects, then collaborate with them to determine which features and improvements to build next.



Pendorama: New York City

Our customer event roadshow hits New York City. This event series features curated content from Pendo experts and best practices from some of the most innovative product-led organizations in our community.

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Oct 24

Portland, OR

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San Francisco, CA

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London, UK

Nov 7

Orange County, CA

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Nov 7-8

Salt Lake City, UT

Nov 8-9

Washington DC

Nov 12

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Dec 3-5

Las Vegas, NV

Dec 12

Mountain View, CA

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