Share Product Data, Refine User Segments, and Extend Help Resources in Your App

Understanding and guiding your users depends on a combination of detailed usage data, in-app automation, and open integration across product management tools. You have valuable customer data in CRM, customer success or other systems of record. You have training and customer education content in your knowledge base. Pendo integrations make all of these assets directly available for analysis, segmentation, and in-app guidance.

Data Integrations

Share product data, refine user segments, and extend help resources in your app


Pull your account and contact data directly into Pendo to slice and dice product data based on customer attributes, and target guides at specific customer segments. Push product usage data back into Salesforce to trigger offline actions and workflows.


Add KPIs like time in app, feature usage, and login frequency to customer health scores. Extend CS campaigns with 1-to-many customer communication in-app via customized help, messages, and surveys.


Put key customer and product usage information into the hands of your support team. Add product data into Zendesk for access to valuable, contextual information about the activities a user performs before filing a ticket.


Coming soon. Pull lead data directly into Pendo to segment and analyze prospect behavior. Push usage data back into Marketo to trigger campaign actions and outreach.


Push NPS scores and customer feedback directly to any Slack channel. Increase visibility of customer satisfaction, and make sure that follow-up happens quickly and consistently.


Coming soon. Share product prototypes and wireframes with users directly in your app for broader tests, more actionable feedback, and faster design iterations.


If you’ve already instrumented your app with Segment, you can easily add Pendo. Using the integration, Pendo can be installed without any additional JavaScript, allowing you to simplify your codebase and get up and running with minimal effort.


With Google BigQuery, you can query and pull raw data from Pendo into your data warehouse. Combine in-app data with other data sources and create queries to quickly explore even the largest data sets.


By loading Pendo data into a Redshift database, you can unlock a new level of insight. Redshift makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze multiple datasets with standard SQL and your existing BI tools. Learn more


Domo’s Pendo connector helps you visualize and analyze your Pendo data alongside data from any other source in one place. Create alerts, build your dream dashboard, and take your data anywhere with Domo.


Bring product data closer to your teams, and into your collaboration spaces with the Pendo Confluence app. Using this integration you can easily include any Account or Visitor report in your Confluence pages.


Trigger actions outside the Pendo platform based on product data - like sending an email to users who haven’t logged in for a while. Using this integration, you can pass any data from a Pendo visitor report to other supported applications in Zapier.

Knowledge Base Integrations

Surface contextual help content in-app - right when and where users need it


If you use Algolia for search in your knowledge base or app, you can embed it directly in Pendo’s guide center. Search results are rendered in the Pendo Guide Center, and click out to a new tab.


If you use HelpDocs for your knowledge base, our integration renders article previews in the Pendo Guide Center with an optional button to open web version of the article in a new tab.

Help Scout

Use Help Scout for customer education? Bring relevant articles and knowledge base search directly into your product through Pendo’s Guide Center.


If you use Swiftype for search in your knowledge base or app, you can embed it directly in Pendo’s guide center. Our integration renders article previews in the Pendo Guide Center with an optional button to open web version of the article in a new tab.


Whether it’s blog, help center, or other relevant content to make your users more successful, you can directly add articles from any Wordpress site to Pendo’s Guide Center.


If you use Zendesk for your knowledge base content, Pendo’s integration allows you to add your content and search to Pendo’s Guide Center.

Live Chat Integrations

Embed your chat tools alongside contextual guidance and product walkthroughs to deliver unbeatable user support right in your app






Live Chat







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