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What is it?

Integrate Pendo Feedback with Jira to improve efficiency between product and development teams, and effectively close the feedback loop for customers and internal users of your product.
Easy escalation:
Simply check a box to push issues to Jira to add a feedback request to your team’s backlog.
Keep stakeholders in the loop:
Easily update your Feedback release log with requests that are completed in Jira. Keep users and internal team members up to date with any new requests that you have released.

Who is it for?

  • Organizations that use Jira to manage their software development
  • Product teams looking to automatically keep their development teams up to date
  • Product-led organizations looking to keep everyone on the same page throughout the product management and development process

Why is it awesome?

  • Remove the manual work required for product teams to keep development teams up to date, and speed up the entire process with automated updates and escalations.
  • Prevent feedback from slipping through the cracks with automatic issues.
  • Keep internal teams and users in the loop with automated release announcements to communicate product releases, and improve user satisfaction with increased visibility.

What's possible with Pendo + Jira

  • Build a product roadmap informed by user feedback, not opinions.
  • Send automatic product release updates to power users to communicate that their feedback is heard.
  • Better utilize your team’s limited capacity with automated issues.


  • Pendo API key
  • Jira account
  • Jira Admin Access, including the ability to add/configure add-ons
  • Pendo Admin Access


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