Pendo + Calendly

What is it?

Combine the convenience of Calendly with the power of Pendo Guides by embedding a Calendly appointment prompt inside an in-app message. By combining Pendo and Calendly, joint customers use the power of in-app messaging to increase the likelihood of a customer booking an appointment.

What's possible with Pendo + Calendly

Automate appointment scheduling to reduce manual work, and increase the likelihood of a customer booking

Use behavioral data to better target appointment messaging and get the right users on the phone


  • This integration is available to all Pendo Guide users. See the Pendo Help Center for in-depth setup instructions.

“A big part of product management is knowing what customers want rather than guessing what they need. I put the Calendly scheduling guide right on the feature page I want feedback on. It’s a much more lightweight and agile way of targeting customers. It put the back and forth email game to an end.”

Adrienne Pierce

Product Manager, Credly

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