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OpenTable logo Okta-logo Labcorp logo Salesforce logo McGraw Hill logo Morgan Stanley logo Logo Covetrus logo iRobot logo Customer_Logo_Black_HMH Henry Schein logo Bright Horizons logo Infor logo Verizon Connect logo

Pendo powers the world’s best digital experiences

Enterprise customers grow monthly active users 46% in their first year with Pendo.
mini_spot-analytics-line_graph-blurple Better decisions
Work smarter with data driven insights—not gut feel
mini_spot-other-time_to_value-orange Move faster
Gather insights faster and do more without developers
Image Reduce costs
Quickly find and fix the issues that create support tickets
mini_spot-other-web_and_mobile-purple Unify your data
See how users move across multiple apps, including web and mobile

See how companies deliver great product experiences with Pendo

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iRobot uses Pendo to power their mobile app personalization strategy


reduction in engineering effort
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Elsevier used Pendo to build a best-in-class support solution that lives within its products.


reduction in time to first use on key features
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Learn how JLL used Pendo to boost efficiency, free up developer resources, and grow user satisfaction


point increase in NPS on key internally built app
Read the story Logo uses the Pendo platform to ensure the best customer experience possible, and help support teams be more productive


reduction in time spent navigating call menus
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Okta used Pendo to build an end-to-end process for planning, testing, releasing, and ensuring the success of new features and services.


increase in product adoption
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Learn how Morgan Stanley at Work leveraged Pendo to proactively ensure clients were getting maximum value from their platform.
Proactive, data-driven approach and improved customer experience
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The comprehensive platform for companies serious about their software

Pendo is the only complete product experience platform. Our integrated suite helps product teams worldwide build breakthrough digital experiences at every stage of the customer journey and product lifecycle.


Product analytics

  • Understand feature adoption, user retention, and the paths different customers take through your software
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Pendo Engage product shot: Feature adoption analytics
“My goal with Pendo is to shrink the time it takes to answer questions. In the past, it took a long time to answer: ‘Who is using the product? How are they using it? Is it valuable to them and why?’. Once we got Pendo we were able to answer most questions in two hours. Pendo is like ‘ludicrous mode’ in an EV. It’s really fast, it’s really powerful, it’s surprising and jarring in its speed.”
Scott Nusz | Senior director of product, McGraw Hill
Scott Nusz | Senior Director of Product, McGraw Hill

In-app guides

  • Deploy no-code in-app onboarding, targeted messaging, and adoption campaigns
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Pendo in-app guides
“We’ve realized that it’s all about empowering other teams. The way we’re using Pendo ultimately helps everyone across the company provide a better customer experience.”
Benny Estes | Director of Product Management, Covetrus
Benny Estes | Director of Product Management, Covetrus

Customer feedback

  • Collect and centralize customer feedback so you can prioritize resources and build the right features, every time
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Pendo customer feedback
“We wanted a tool that could allow us to see how users were interacting with our support center and tools, and illuminate what we could do to better [help] them. Our solution was Pendo.”
Mary Kidd | Systems Manager, Customer Operations,
Mary Kidd | Systems Manager, Customer Operations,

See what else Pendo can do

Align cross-functional teams around a shared product vision and prove the impact of everything you’re building
Understand usage and guide users to success anywhere on any device—in your web and mobile apps
Quickly validate your next feature ideas in-app and with the right users, and get the evidence you need to prioritize your roadmap with confidence
Data sync
Connect product data across your org with this enriched event data export tool, and combine with data in your BI tools to inform business decisions
Session replay
COMING SOON Access screen recordings of users actively using your products to unlock a new level of insights into user behavior


Thomson Reuters used Pendo to track usage of a new AI-powered tool to understand the impact of feature engagement on user sentiment



We meet the most rigorous requirements

Pendo adheres to key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customer’s data: SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield. Customers can choose between having their data hosted in Google’s data center facilities in either the United States or European Union.

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