Built for the Enterprise

Pendo powers lovable product experiences for the world’s largest companies.

Products, processes, controls, teams - everything is different at scale. We get it. You shouldn’t have to work around the limitations of point solutions designed for small companies. Pendo is designed to support large, demanding customers, including:

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  • Massively scalable.
  • Highly performant.
  • Richly extensible.

User Insight, user guidance, and user communication for product portfolios

Large companies need to optimize the customer experience across a suite of digital products. Pendo helps you understand and guide your users across all products to increase adoption, accelerate cross-sell/up-sell, and improve multi-product retention.

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Multi-App Analytics & Feedback

Track user behavior, usage trends, and sentiment across a portfolio of multiple Web and mobile apps

Extensive Role-based Permissions

Control data access, campaign authoring, and publishing for all of the teams in your organization

Rich In-App Campaigns

Develop and deploy customer engagement, training, and up-sell/cross-sell campaigns using a simple, intuitive visual studio tool

High Scale Automatic Event Tracking

Capture and analyze every user activity - Pendo processes millions of events per hour without breaking a sweat… or slowing down your apps

Darrell Burgan

VP Development

I have seven key products that I have responsibility for. Some are available as multi-tenant cloud, some are available as on-premise or single-tenant only, and one of the products is available across all three deployment options. That’s what makes Pendo so valuable. It allows us to get complete visibility across all of the different client environments.
Pendo integrations

Open integration across the enterprise

Large companies don’t have one single system of record, and don’t want data to be trapped in closed tools. Pendo plays nicely with other tools to ensure product insight powers key decisions and business processes in sales, marketing, success, support, and other functions. Integrations include: Salesforce, Gainsight, Zendesk, Domo, Atlassian, BigQuery and Redshift.

Pendo Integrations

First class support for security and data privacy

Data protection, security, and compliance aren’t “nice-to-haves” for large companies—they’re necessities. Pendo invests heavily in this area with multiple security certifications, third-party audits, and a dedicated data protection officer.

  • Certifications & Support

    SOC 2, Type 1 and Type 2, EU/US Privacy Shield, GDPR

  • Data Protection Officer

    Defines and manages security policies across the organization

  • Encryption & Access Controls

    All customer data is protected using industry best practices

Pendo Data Privacy & Security

Dedicated to your success

Large organizations shouldn’t have to rely on self-service checklists and community forums to get help. Pendo provides complete support and services to match your complex needs:

Customer success managers
  • A Pendo partner focused on helping your organization maximize results
Technical account management
  • Strategic technical advisors that know your business and implementation
Professional services
  • Leverage our expertise for customized onboarding, implementation, and training

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