Accelerate software adoption

Explore use cases

Portfolio Management

Use your software to its fullest potential

Leverage usage data to understand the employee experience across all your apps. Spot trends to inform your IT strategy. Optimize your roadmap by identifying key features to prioritize. Speed up implementation and ensure adoption to drive positive business outcomes faster.


Employee productivity

Help your people do their best work

Understand the most effective ways to onboard and support your employees. Keep a finger on the pulse of how they feel about your software through in-app polls and surveys. Explore usage data to identify areas for improvement and eliminate friction.

In-app support

Alleviate confusion for stuck users, in-app

Support your users at scale with in-app guides, when and where they need it most. Streamline communication to make change management easy. Uncover and anticipate the most common user challenges to provide proactive and more effective in-app training.



Understand and customize the employee experience

See how different segments of employees work within and across your apps. Deliver support, tips, resources, and walkthroughs tailored to each segment’s unique needs. Identify power users, understand what makes them successful, then use in-app guidance to encourage similar behavior among the rest of your workforce.

Governance and compliance

Set the standard and lead the way there

Use behavioral analytics to ensure employees are completing workflows in expected and desired ways. Guarantee software is used in compliance with regulatory requirements. Reinforce mission-critical processes at scale with in-app guidance and support.


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“We are able to reach our users at scale, wherever they were working, whenever they were working, not only to support them, but to proactively drive them to do the right thing. [Pendo] is helping us turn our software into something that our users can really value and that can really help them do their job on a daily basis–not just another tool that they have to use.”

Debbie Wiggins
Business systems director, Essity