Accelerate software adoption

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User training

Improve employee onboarding

Deliver training inside software, where work actually gets done. Increase employee self-sufficiency and improve performance with contextual, customized product walkthroughs that users can explore and revisit at their own pace. Optimize your in-product training anytime without the need for technical resources.

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Employee productivity

Drive user proficiency from day one and every day after

Enable continued learning, uniform usage, and awareness of new features or processes with personalized just-in-time guidance. Remove friction and accelerate business results by embedding tool tips and in-app support wherever employees are struggling. Reduce the risk of inefficient use of the software you invested so heavily in.

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TechValidate quote

“Pendo has allowed us to communicate directly to our employees to ensure that they are using our application to its fullest potential as they serve our clients. Our users are more self-sufficient when acclimating themselves to our site, and we can now analyze product usage and determine where we should prioritize our development and support efforts.”

Validated Source: TechValidate

In-app support

Alleviate confusion for stuck users, in-app

Understand the causes of friction in your application and create self-service opportunities that get users un-stuck and maximize customer satisfaction. Deflect incoming support tickets and reduce costs with proactive solutions.

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Feedback collection

Collect actionable feedback at scale

Leverage your product to identify common requests and group feedback by feature, customer type, or user cohort. Share reports to facilitate agreement on priorities and more efficiently allocate developer and designer hours. Get a complete picture of product feedback and identify areas of opportunity to improve.

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Drive governance

Set the standard and lead the way there

Standardize product usage and ensure employees follow the right processes at the right time. Ensure compliance with personalized reminders and workflow guidance. Deliver timely information when policies change, verify that your team is taking action, and course correct quickly if needed.

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