Pendo + DataGrail

What is it?

With DataGrail and Pendo, your organization will build customer trust and eliminate risky business. Integrate Pendo with DataGrail to detect consumer data that is collected and stored within Pendo to quickly process DSRs (access, delete, and do-not-sell requests) and comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. Rely on an accurate blueprint of where consumer data lives in your organization with automated data mapping — no more surveys or spreadsheets needed to maintain a privacy framework or produce a record of processing activities (RoPA).

What's possible with Pendo + DataGrail

When a consumer submits a data subject request, automatically identify, retrieve and delete that data from Pendo alongside 1300+ other third party tools.

Privacy owners can use a single view to take action on their entire data stack.


  • You must be a DataGrail customer in order to enable this integration.
  • This is a partner-built integration: Please reach out to DataGrail for support.