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What is it?

Empower your Support teams to close tickets faster, manage user feedback, and provide contextual, on-demand support to users with our robust Zendesk integration.
Add Zendesk messaging to the Pendo Resource Center
Embed Zendesk messaging natively into the Pendo Resource Center to enable rich, proactive, conversational experiences powered by Zendesk.
Push Pendo Analytics to Zendesk:
Provide contextual product usage data right inside Zendesk, with exact features or pages a user was interacting with right before they filed their support ticket. Build that product usage directly into a user’s profile.
Sync Pendo Feedback with Zendesk:
Send new feedback from Pendo or link existing product feedback tickets straight from Zendesk, and provide users with ongoing status updates so they know their requests are being handled.

Who is it for?

  • Teams that use Zendesk for customer support
  • Companies who want to connect their product usage to customer support tickets, for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Support teams who want more visibility into how their customers are using their product

Why is it awesome?

  • Providing contextual product usage data within Zendesk gives your team the full picture they need to provide a better user experience and more efficient ticket resolution.
  • Embedding Zendesk Chat and your Zendesk knowledge base into the Pendo Resource Center, you can provide real-time assistance alongside your contextual guidance and product walkthroughs.
  • By integrating product feedback with Zendesk, you can instantly and effortlessly create a new request directly from within the Zendesk ticket, send the user a link to their request, and keep them in the loop with their request without any work on your side.

What's possible with Pendo + Zendesk

  • With contextual product usage data, you can identify common product workflows that are creating support tickets.
  • Get ahead of your most common support requests by talking it out with users in-app, and then build a guide to help future users navigate through the trouble spots you were able to identify.
  • Increase product NPS with on-demand, in-depth product support however the user prefers.


  • This integration is available as a paid add-on for all Pendo subscriptions. Current customers: Contact your Pendo account representative to purchase.
  • Pendo admin access
  • Zendesk admin access
  • Published Pendo Resource Center (for Chat / Knowledge Base integrations)
  • Engineer to install Zendesk Chat snippet (for Chat integration)


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