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What is it?

Embed a Pendo Guide link within a Candu onboarding dashboard. Enable a frictionless user onboarding journey and activation path by serving users with the right content at the right time and place with Pendo and Candu.

Who is it for?

  • Product, growth and customer teams who want to showcase onboarding content to users in the product.

Why is it awesome?

  • Candu allows teams to promote key features within their product experience. Candu’s configurable no-code blocks enable teams to answer the why bother question before learning how to adopt a feature with a Pendo Guide.

What's possible with Pendo + Candu

  • Teams can create dynamic onboarding dashboards and embed Pendo guides. This allows product and marketing teams to feature new products, solving an awareness problem. Once integrated, Candu and Pendo allow for a more relevant, less disruptive user experience.
  • Users can be provided dynamic content as they advance through usage stages and adopt new features. The integration enables self-service onboarding within the user experience.
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    "Being able to improve our in-app experience without disrupting users has been key for us. Candu allows us to optimize our use of Pendo guides by letting users kickstart their learning when it best works for them and I can also experiment and update content easily at any time."

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