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What is it?

Embed Intercom live chat in your Pendo Resource Center to answer real-time user questions alongside your contextual guidance and product walkthroughs.
Intercom Chat Integration
Set up automated answers to common product questions:
Improve user’s experience while also reducing demand for support by automating answers to the questions your users ask the most.
Connect Pendo Feedback to collect feedback mid-conversation:
Set up triggers within an Intercom conversation to look for common feedback language from users and automatically collect user feedback within an Intercom chat conversation when triggered.

Who is it for?

  • Pendo customers who use Intercom to communicate directly with users
  • Support teams looking to reach users when they need help most
  • Product teams looking for better ways to collect user feedback within contextual conversations

Why is it awesome?

  • Embedding Intercom Chat into the Pendo Resource Center allows you to provide real-time assistance alongside your contextual guidance and product walkthroughs.
  • By integrating product feedback with Intercom, you can instantly and effortlessly collect user feedback when it is top of mind for them, all alongside contextual conversations to give a fuller picture of the request.

What's possible with Pendo + Intercom

  • Reduce support tickets by talking through common issues with users in-app.
  • Automate the most common support questions by utilizing Intercom’s AnswerBot combined with Pendo’s product usage data.
  • Increase product feedback gathering by incorporating the feedback form into real-time conversations.
  • Increase product NPS with on-demand chat product support.


  • This integration is available as a paid add-on for all Pendo subscriptions. Current customers: Contact your Pendo account representative to purchase.
  • Intercom account
  • Intercom admin access
  • Pendo admin access


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