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What is it?

Connect Pendo to 1000+ apps instantly; no coding required. Use Workato's integration and automation platform to connect Pendo product usage data to key marketing, sales, and customer success tools. Integrate Pendo into your data warehouse to include product data in business decisions. Let Workato connect your data across tools and teams to automate workflows and drive business outcomes.
View product analytics by user and account.
Integrate Pendo with MAPs like Marketo and Eloqua to send product data straight to your marketing team. Give marketing the information they need to segment customers for targeted marketing campaigns and special offers. Integrate Pendo with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to monitor users for sales opportunities, such as a tier trip on a freemium product.
Track user sentiment and provided targeted support.
Integrate Pendo with customer success software so support can reach out to proactively engage customers who may be showing signs of churn. Automate alerts in Slack or Teams so your sales reps know right away if any of their accounts start to exhibit signs of churn.
Set product priorities with user feedback.
Integrate Pendo Feedback with feature management software like LaunchDarkly and development tools like Jira to beta test new features and collect user behavior analytics for your product team. Request a demo

Why is it awesome?

  • The way people use your product can influence your sales and marketing messages, which is why it’s so important to share product usage insights beyond your product development team.
  • Integrate Pendo with your other business software apps to track product usage on all platforms and provide key insights.
  • Orchestrate the flow and accuracy of data and enable Enterprise wide automation.

What's possible with Pendo + Workato

  • Establish a single source of truth for long term trends by integrating Pendo with different sources of business data – like your CRMs, HCMs, and ERPs.
  • Automatically deliver product usage reports and alerts to employees in your preferred communication app.
  • Visualize your product usage data in new ways by integrating Pendo with business intelligence tools.


  • This is a partner-built integration. Reach out to Workato for a demo to see how you can connect Pendo to your other favorite tools.
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