Introducing Pendo Free for Mobile

Published Oct 15, 2021

Part of being a product-led company is putting your product out there and letting it speak for itself. We released Pendo Free in November 2020; a free-forever version of Pendo which helps you better understand and engage with your users.

Now that Pendo Free is almost one year old, we’re celebrating by extending the product to include mobile apps. Creating a consistent experience across platforms has never been more important. And with this new release, you can truly understand all aspects of your users and their journey across devices.

This decision to expand the power of Pendo Free to mobile apps was informed by clear demand in the market, and driven by a maniacal focus on our customers. With 5.22 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide and 218 billion app downloads in 2020, there are more app managers and developers than ever before who need to understand how people are using their apps. 

With Pendo, they’re better able to compete in the app marketplace, collect direct feedback, use in-app messaging to guide users, and create a connected experience across web and mobile.

What is Pendo Free for Mobile?

It’s a free-forever version of Pendo’s mobile offering with a focused feature set that allows users to experience the core value of Pendo’s mobile capabilities. With Pendo Free for Mobile, we’re giving all product teams everywhere the tools they need to collect actionable usage data—and the ability to improve the user experience with mobile in-app guides. You can use Pendo Free on one web, one iOS, and one Android app at the same time. 

What mobile frameworks are supported?

Supported frameworks are Native iOS/Android and Xamarin apps.  

How many monthly active users (MAUs) are allowed?

Pendo Free users are allowed 500 MAUs total for all three apps: web, iOS, and Android.

Is support available?

Support is self-service. Within Pendo Free, users have access to the Pendo Resource Center, which includes links to all help documentation, the customer community, and Pendo Feedback.

Start using Pendo Free for Mobile today!

There’s no time to waste when it comes to building incredible mobile apps. Customers have different expectations for different devices, but they also expect their cross-platform journey to be seamless. Add your mobile apps to Pendo Free today to take an important step towards improving and growing your product—and building mobile experiences your users can’t live without.