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Introducing Pendo Free

Published Nov 18, 2020

Everyone’s product-led journey unfolds a bit differently.

Like a lot of companies, Pendo’s first—and still primary—go-to-market motion was sales driven. When we started selling the product in 2014, our market was incredibly immature—it was hard for prospects to understand what we did. Our responsibility was both educating the market about the need for product analytics and adoption tools and selling Pendo as the solution. There was no market for a product-led sales strategy. 

Fast forward six years, 60+ sellers, and 1600+ customers. There are G2 grids, Gartner reports, and a vibrant ecosystem of software for product managers. Combined with thousands more startups on a mission to achieve product-market fit and larger companies accelerating digital transformation, the market today is much more mature. Product teams know they need a platform like Pendo, but many want to try it out for free and on their own terms.

I discuss these trends at length in my new book The Product-Led Organization. Now it’s time for Pendo to “walk the talk” and begin the next phase of our product-led journey. Today, I’m excited to announce the public release of Pendo Free.

What is Pendo Free?

Pendo Free is a free-forever license for our foundational product tools. It helps you answer the fundamental question: Are my customers using my product the way we expect? 

When we first imagined Pendo, our hypothesis was that product teams needed to understand and guide their users in order to build products that users love. That’s exactly what you get with Pendo Free: the essential usage analytics and in-app guides that our core product is built upon. Our Free offering includes:

  • Unlimited page and feature tagging 
  • Basic behavioral analytics to understand Paths, Funnels, and Retention 
  • The Visual Design Studio to build banners, lightbox, tooltips, walkthroughs, and polls
  • Guide Themes to match your branding and design standards
  • User Segmentation so you can target guides and compare usage between groups

Pendo Free allows both Admin and Read-only user types so you can share with your team, and supports up to 1000 monthly active users. It’s designed to deliver outcomes like understanding feature usage and improving feature adoption. Now every company can have the tools to collect usage data—and then do something about it.

What you can expect

Product-led deployment

No sales gatekeeper, no contracts. Just submit the form, confirm your email, accept the terms and conditions, and you’re in. Our only requirement is that you use a unique email address.

Product-led onboarding

This is my favorite part—we’ve built an entirely hands-off, self-guided process to educate new users and guide them through installation. We’ve even built a Demo Mode so that the empty state for new subscriptions comes pre-populated with sample data. This allows you to explore how Pendo works until you’re ready to install. Behind the scenes, we’re monitoring what’s working and what’s not so we can continue to optimize this flow over time.

Product-led support

Product-led support is a key part of the modern user experience. Free users will have easy access to our knowledge base inside the product, interactive in-app guidance, and access to our customer community—everything they need for self-service support. 

Get started today

To get started with your Free subscription, head over to our registration page and fill out the signup form. Once you confirm your email, you’ll land in your brand new Pendo subscription. 

As you use Pendo Free, we hope you’ll share your thoughts to help us optimize our product experience. We believe that feedback is a gift—share yours via the “Share Your Feedback” option in the Resource Center of your Pendo Subscription.