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All the tools a PM needs, under one roof.

Image Product Analytics
Understand how and why people use your product.
Image In-app Guides
Drive awareness and action with in-app communication.
Image Feedback
Collect and prioritize user product feedback.
Image Roadmaps
Align your team around an always improving, centralized roadmap.

Product Analytics

  • Analyze current product usage and uncover insights
  • Learn why features are embraced and ignored
  • Get the data you need to prioritize your roadmap
  • Understand user sentiment at scale
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Almost overnight, Pendo has transformed our product team from a group driven by hunches and assumptions to a data-driven department with incredible insights into our users’ behavior. It’s well worth the cost.
Jillian Igarashi, Director of Product Management | MoxiWorks

In-app Guides

  • Deliver data-informed, personalized communication
  • Increase awareness and action with contextual in-app messages
  • Support customers and onboard new users, at scale
  • Improve adoption and accelerate account expansion
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Our communication with end users through In-app Guides is exponentially faster. CS can configure a guide within minutes when it would take a developer three weeks to build, QA, and deploy.
Alex Reilly, Customer Success | Infor


  • Centralize and prioritize product feedback
  • Keep an ongoing pulse on customer health and happiness
  • Take the guesswork out of planning and prioritization
  • Build products and features your customers will actually use
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We needed something that was going to connect the dots. Having feedback that [we] have a lot of context around is so much more powerful. Using Pendo’s behavioral analytics and in-app guidance in conjunction with Pendo Feedback really is what made it a perfect package. The ability to have all of the usage context, right alongside the feedback, was really pivotal.
Mary Lyon, Director of Product Feedback | Filevine


  • Cast a clear vision for the future of your product
  • Visualize the business impact of every initiative
  • Use data to inform prioritization
  • Increase transparency and trust with your stakeholders
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We have greatly improved the transparency and efficiency of our roadmap in no time at all.
Rich Hopewell, Director of Client Success | Magnus Health

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Lean on your product to educate new users and guide them to success.
Support your users with contextual assistance, when and where they need it.
Create a clear path to paid conversions by putting your product at the heart of your go-to-market efforts.
Deliver intuitive products and features that get users to value quickly.
Empower your product team to make data-informed decisions.
Use data to understand your customers, expand their usage, and increase deal size.

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