What is Pendo?

Pendo is a product experience platform built to elevate the world’s experience with software. 

Pendo is a product experience platform built to elevate the world’s experience with software.

The Pendo platform helps product teams and application owners improve users’ experience with their software (whether those users are customers or their fellow employees). In today’s business world, virtually every company is a software company—including banks, retailers, and other brick-and-mortar businesses that have been around for decades. Customer and employee interactions have dramatically shifted to digital spaces, putting the product experience at the center of the business. And when companies implement new digital tools, HR, IT, internal product managers, and change management leaders need to ensure successful digital adoption of the software.

Pendo exists to make digital experiences better, no matter what you make or sell to customers and no matter what tools you use for your employees.

Who can use the Pendo platform?

Anyone interested in improving the customer or employee experience can use Pendo. Examples of users by role include:

  • Product teams
  • IT and business operations teams
  • Change management teams
  • Finance teams
  • Customer success teams
  • Marketing teams
  • HR teams
  • Sales teams

“Improving the world’s experiences with software”

As a user, I always got frustrated if I found myself stuck while using a software product—maybe the page is slow to load, or the button isn’t where I expected it to be, or it’s missing a feature that I thought it had. These small moments can have a big impact on the user experience, and as a product person, I want to avoid my users feeling this type of frustration at all costs.

But in order to know how to improve users’ experience with a product, you first need to understand how they’re using it, what they want from it, and which usage patterns lead to success. Not to mention be able to communicate this to them in a way that resonates and empowers customers to use the product to its fullest extent.

— Todd Olson, CEO & Founder of Pendo

How does Pendo work?

How does Pendo work?


Unlike point solutions that address only analytics, or in-app guidance, or feedback, Pendo lets you do all this and more under a unified platform. The result is both cost savings and reduced digital friction resulting from toggling back and forth between multiple apps. Pendo’s all-in-one solution also means teams have a unified data set at their fingertips, with no risk of siloed data creating inefficiencies or blockers to driving product experience improvements and change.

What can you do with Pendo??

Pendo offers a comprehensive set of products for improving product and app experiences and driving better business outcomes in its all-in-one platform. These include:

  • Analytics: Put simply, Pendo helps organizations understand whether the products and features they’re building for customers and buying for are being used and if so, by whom. With our product analytics capabilities, you can determine which features users embrace and ignore and how they navigate across your product portfolio. You can also see how product adoption varies based on account, user role, or user sentiment. Our goal is to provide product teams with the information they need to do their jobs better and make day-to-day decisions easier.
  • In-app Guidance: In-app messages give Pendo’s customers a way to quickly and easily put the insights they gain from product analytics into action. In the end, this ability to experiment and drive behavior change within your product is truly what can improve your business and create better outcomes for your customers. By delivering customized support to customers in-app, teams can both get users to value fast, and continually improve and iterate on their onboarding and support motions.
  • Listen: Pendo Listen helps product teams build what users need, not features they’ll never use. It automates the gathering and prioritization of customer feedback, delivering data to build with confidence and avoid wasted R&D spend. Listen gathers user feedback in-app and via other sources, then analyzes this data alongside user behavior and other data to understand what features would be most valuable. This allows teams to focus on ideas that will have a real impact and avoid wasting time and resources on features that won’t be used.
  • Session Replay: Video playbacks of user actions are a uniquely powerful tool in helping product teams understand why they do what they do. Gaining this kind of context on the customer experience helps direct internal teams to the right priorities through visual proof of user actions. Pendo lets you leverage unlimited replays, so you never have to miss a critical user interaction or insight. You can easily filter replays by both quantitative and qualitative data. You can also put customer privacy first: We offer three out-of-the-box, no-code settings that are fully customizable to your needs.
  • SaaS portfolio insights: Makes it easy to ensure you have the right tech for your team. With Pendo analytics and guides, you can encourage application and process adoption, and drive ROI across your entire organization. Pendo also lets IT teams drive internal alignment with a data-informed view of the employee experience. This usage data, among other things, allows teams to spot trends that inform IT strategy. It also allows IT to audit license utilization in order to identify underused areas or opportunities to consolidate. With Pendo, business operations teams can both reduce operational costs and increase productivity with strong business architecture.
  • Validate: A component of Pendo Listen, Pendo Validate helps teams build digital experiences they know customers will love and pay for. Not only can they add ideas to Pendo and set impact and effort ratings, they can also share up to three of those ideas with a segment of customers, in-app in order to get feedback on them. Pendo lets product teams conduct in-depth analysis of ideas based on votes, accounts, ARR, impact, and effort. The result is a streamlined discovery process that puts product teams in a position to drive wins for the business.
  • Data Sync: Pendo makes it easy for product teams to bring product data to the places where business decisions happen. Pendo product data can become a key source in BI data analysis without overloading data engineering teams. Teams can create a centralized source of truth by exporting and blending all product usage data in cloud storage. By joining product data with the full breadth of all key business data, orgs get deeper, more holistic insights into both customers and product motions. With Data Sync, every department — all the way up to the C-suite — speaks the same universal language of the business.
  • Roadmaps: A component of Listen, Pendo Roadmaps helps product teams align internal stakeholders and bring data into product planning. Pendo data helps teams share the “why” behind roadmap decisions to keep everyone aligned and motivated. Validating and visualizing the impact of features and initiatives on your roadmap in Pendo helps prove the value of product teams’ work. Pendo Roadmaps makes plans easy to adjust with new learnings and priorities and allows teams to link specific customer feedback requests to new initiatives and features.
  • AI: The power of Pendo AI stems from its massive data set based on trillions of data points and billions of daily interactions. These include clicks, swipes, poll responses, feedback requests, and guide views collected on behalf of 10,000 companies that use Pendo. Pendo AI also powers personalization, allowing you to supercharge your customer experience with automated, customized content delivered at the right time. Pendo AI also supercharges product discovery motions by analyzing, sorting, and identifying trends in data for faster customer insights.
  • Mobile: The Pendo platform helps create a user experience that engages customers across all screens. Product teams can build a seamless customer journey across mobile and desktop applications. Pendo gives teams the data they need to improve the mobile experience and guide them in-app without the need to release a new version.
  • Integrations: Pendo makes it easy to connect the power of its platform with the other tools you use every day, including CRM apps (Salesforce, HubSpot), collaboration tools (Okta, Slack), product tools (Figma, G2), business intelligence (BI) tools (Looker, Domo), and a host of other apps.

What are some ways in which businesses use Pendo?

Businesses leverage Pendo for myriad use cases to drive a variety of outcomes. These include:

  • User onboarding: Pendo lets you personalize user onboarding and training by leaning on your product to educate new users and guide them to success. Doing so allows onboarding teams to create a great first impression and delight new users with an intuitive digital experience from the very first login. It also lets them guide users to value, fast. In-app guides steer new users to—and enable them on—the features that will benefit them most. Segmentation and personalization capabilities can improve training and help users build proficiency and gain confidence.
  • In-app support: The Pendo platform helps users help themselves by providing them support in-app, when and where they need it. This kind of self-service support delivers better customer service solutions without human intervention, and thereby helps reduce support ticket backlogs. It also increases customer satisfaction. In-app walkthroughs and an always-on Resource Center allow solutions to be accessed on-demand. This allows teams to create more efficient users by better understanding their behavior and then delivering guidance that helps them learn faster.
  • User experience: Pendo gives companies instant insights into user behavior and provides the quantitative and qualitative data you need to design experiences that wow. It also lets teams personalize the customer journey via segmented, customized in-app onboarding and support. The result? Improved user satisfaction and experiences thanks to timely, always-on assistance. The Pendo platform also lets you capture feedback and sentiment in-app, and easily communicate back so users feel heard.
  • Governance & compliance: Pendo makes it easy for employees to comply with what’s expected of them. The platform lets IT teams bring rigor to their policies and ensure that tech usage and process completion comply with corporate or regulatory requirements. It also allows you to audit in real time to reduce risk and improve data integrity. The power of Pendo helps support procedural changes, increasing confidence and reinforcing mission-critical processes with in-app support.
  • Employee productivity: The Pendo platform accelerates proficiency and reinforces ideal journeys based on the behaviors of power users. Using KPIs such as average time to complete a workflow and process adoption, teams can set benchmarks to improve performance. They can also shorten ramp time with personalized onboarding to help employees understand cross-app processes. In terms of the processes themselves, Pendo makes it easy to fix what’s broken, identify areas for improvement, and reduce friction points.
  • Change management: Pendo lets change management teams guide employees through new ways of working and standardize workflows with data-informed insights. Using analytics, they can understand how work happens today in order to plan the right change for tomorrow. Pendo also helps change leaders establish best practices, creating consistency and predictability in how they manage change in their organizations. For example, the platform’s rich analytics makes it easy to learn from the behavior of employees. By identifying and leveraging super users as change champions, teams can inform their support and guidance strategy based on how work actually happens among high performers.
  • Product-led growth: Pendo lets you drive growth and expand your product’s potential, at scale. Product teams can create a clear path to paid conversions by putting their product at the heart of go-to-market efforts. Making your product its own sales and marketing channel helps gain efficiency and build virality. The Pendo platform helps PLG teams reach the right audience by meeting users with personalized in-app communication, tailored to their needs.
  • Product planning: Pendo helps product teams understand what customers do—and why. With powerful analytics, they can get a clear line of sight into how users navigate and engage with features in order to best prioritize their resources. Pendo also lets teams better understand customer needs by collecting feedback at scale and segmenting it based on customer profile, revenue, and more. By understanding how users interact with freemium and paid products, product teams can know what to build next with Pendo data to back up their decisions.
  • Product discovery: Product discovery is the foundation for building successful products. It’s an iterative process where teams research and validate their ideas before diving into development. By understanding user needs and challenges through techniques like interviews and testing, product discovery ensures the right features are built to solve real problems. This reduces risk, saves resources, and ultimately leads to products that users love.
  • Revenue growth: The power of the Pendo platform helps attract, retain, and nurture your customers. Companies can use Pendo data to understand their users, expand their usage, and increase deal size. One key way they can do so is to get a clear view into what constitutes revenue-driving activities. Teams can see what successful customers do, for example, and use those insights to guide others to desired actions. This makes it possible, for example, to guide trial users to the features and behaviors that correlate with purchase or expansion. What’s more, with Pendo feedback data, teams can know with confidence which features will generate the biggest return and build what customers want to pay for.

What do Pendo customers say about the platform?

Customers are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences with Pendo. Here are some examples of customer quotes about the platform and the value it adds to their business:

  • RedHat: “Our sellers want to be out making more sales for Red Hat as a whole. [With Pendo], we’re reducing the sales cycle time—and that’s a win.”
  • Essity: “We feel that [Pendo] is helping us turn our software into something that our users can really value and that can really help them to do their job on a daily basis—not just another tool that they have to use.”
  • Global Payments: “We equate Pendo’ing with driving business decisions. We no longer have to rely on gut instinct, and we can use Pendo data to answer a lot of key questions about our users.”
  • JLL: “We didn’t have the feature usage data we wanted in our existing database, but with Pendo, we suddenly had insights we never had before.”
  • Cox Automotive: “The most exciting thing for us is the speed at which we can get information. I can be in a meeting with product and engineering and within fifteen minutes, we get data from Pendo to answer our question and help us make a decision.”

The all-in-one platform for digital transformation

We help product, marketing, customer success, and IT teams deliver digital experiences customers want—and want to pay for—while consolidating costs with a single product platform.