So Finally…What is Pendo?

Written by Todd Olson  | 

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Pendo is the latin word for “value.” Ultimately the goal of any great product is to provide value.  People don’t typically spend their time or money on things (software, etc) that are valueless. Aside from it being short and easy to spell, we chose Pendo as a name since it reminds us of what is ultimately most important.

In the Elevator

So in the elevator, we’d describe Pendo very simply as we do on our website: with no coding understand everything your customers do in your product and use in-application messages to increase engagement. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a mouthful, so let’s take this apart.

What’s the matter with coding?

Nothing is wrong with coding at all. We love coding and coders (most us our began our careers doing it), and in many cases the coders are among an organization’s most valued people.  We’ve strived to not require coding because using our coders for internal data projects is challenging and stressful for us. Too often in our past, we’ve had to make difficult trade-offs between building features for customers and building internal capabilities like this. So by eliminating the need for coding here, we save folks from a tough trade-off. Use your developers to build features for your customers — use us to help increase engagement of those features.

What does everything mean?

OK, we don’t collect keystrokes or mouse movement, but generally we collect all user behavior.  This includes all page loads, click, focus, form submit, and change events. Our goal is to collect enough to get a strong proxy for user engagement, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Once collected, we provide a full suite of analytics to slice and dice the data to gain insights into who’s doing what in your product. With our product, we have different lenses through which to look at your engagement: page, feature, visitor, and account. Each lens helps you understand your product from different perspectives.

Ultimately this data tells organizations whether the things they are building are being used and if so, by whom. Then you can measure the return on your development activities and better prioritize future initiatives. But this is just the beginning…we’re seeing use cases emerge in other areas of our prospects and customers. See future blog posts for more on how this data can help inform activities across your business.

Why the In-Application Messages?

From time to time, we are questioned about why we have in-application messages. “This seems like a separate product.” “Do you see yourself as an analytics company or a messages company?”


We see ourselves as an “increase engagement” company. It just so happens that it takes more than simply analytics or messages to do this — it takes both. Analytics are interesting and powerful, but our messages provide our customers with the ability to experiment and create change — change that can improve your business and/or help you learn even more.

Our messages are very easy to use and powerful. However, with analytics the messages can be used to personalize the experience of the product based on their needs so that they get more value from your product. This is huge.

Welcome to Pendo. I hope this series of posts around Why-How-What gives you a richer of sense of who Pendo is.   More importantly, where many companies share what they do, we hope that you know a little more about us by knowing why we exist and how we plan on getting there.  If you share the same passions as we do or  simply want to give us a try, drop us a note here.