Elevating the world’s experience with software with Pendo AI

Published Jul 19, 2023
Product data + AI = 10x better software experiences.

A few months back, in the peak buzz around ChatGPT, I heard a venture capitalist challenge an audience of executives to think beyond the initial application of this very cool tool. This VC challenged us to consider how AI could have 10x the impact on the software we provide to our customers, how AI could create 10x the value for these customers.

In other words, it’s not enough for AI to improve our products incrementally; it should make them exponentially better. 

This insight stuck with me, because it’s so close to the mission of Pendo: to elevate the world’s experience with software.

Over the past two years, through our proprietary machine learning engine, we’ve been on a journey to reimagine Pendo, powered by AI. We believe that 10x better software experiences are possible when AI is used within the largest set of product usage data in the world — the 14 trillion aggregated and anonymized clicks, swipes, poll responses, page and guide views that we’ve collected on behalf of 10,000 companies that use Pendo. Leveraging Pendo and AI across their mission-critical data enables companies to drive automation that wasn’t possible until now — product and digital teams can launch faster and be more productive, and executives can more effectively plan resources and drive growth. They can do so confidently, because their data is kept secure and private inside of Pendo, and is never co-mingled with the data of other customers.

Today, I’m excited to share our vision for Pendo AI — our all-in-one product experience platform enhanced with artificial intelligence.

A first look at our AI innovations

Beginning today and over the coming months, Pendo AI features will start to show up across our entire platform — just look for the purple wand and sparkles. There’s “Guide AI creation and writing assistant,” which lets teams create and sequence in-app guides across a workflow that spans several applications, with each guide delivered in the tone of the product manager’s choosing. These features help customers deliver personalized experiences at scale.

“AI-generated insights” queries a database of user feedback or NPS responses and identifies themes and writes summaries. This accelerates product discovery so product teams can bring new features or innovations to market with speed and confidence.

We are constantly looking for ways to make Pendo easier to use. “Tag assist” helps us achieve that by intuitively tagging features those teams are likely to want to track in Pendo. We’re also introducing an AI chatbot that allows our customers to instantly query the Pendo knowledge base and get thoughtful, automated answers to their questions. 

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned how AI can create 10x the value for customers. I’m really excited about this next set of features, which help drive business outcomes like increased productivity and revenue growth. “Workflow suggestions” instantly identifies places where users are getting stuck along a workflow and then recommends where to place guides to improve that user journey.

And in the coming months, we’ll launch “Generative campaigns,” a feature set that leverages product data to power product-led growth and customer retention campaigns. This set of features will instantly generate lists of customers who are ready to expand or at risk, and then automate in-app campaigns to drive those customers to buy or use more of your products.

These innovations eliminate hours of manual effort and deliver insights that product and digital leaders can leverage immediately to move their company toward that 10x aspiration. 

I couldn’t be more proud of the work happening behind the scenes at Pendo to embrace this technology and rethink our entire platform with an AI-first approach. We are leveraging AI built in-house by Pendo ML engineering teams and provided by leading LLM providers such as Google — a recent hackathon by our R&D teams yielded dozens of ideas and features that will be pillars of our future roadmap. Be sure to attend Pendomonium 2023 this October 17-19 to learn more.

Our commitment to data privacy and ethical standards for AI

And yet, along with all the excitement, we know there’s some reticence with the pace of change coming as a result of AI. A recent study we commissioned with Mind the Product found that 66 percent of product leaders trust AI to summarize and analyze results from product data, but only 15 percent are actually leveraging it today. Pendo AI allows customers to take advantage of AI within a platform they’re already comfortable with and with confidence that their data is kept private and secure. Learn more about how we protect our customers’ data, our AI infrastructure, and our ethical standards here.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Try out these new capabilities, tell us what you think, and share your ideas for how Pendo AI can impact your work. 

Let’s build 10x better software experiences for our users, together. Explore Pendo AI here