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Guide the experience across your web and mobile apps

Dan Larsen, Senior Product Leader, Henry Schein

“We’ve had a hugely successful experience with Pendo. It’s allowed us to connect with our customers and use insights to tailor our product to our users in an incredible way.”

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Drive revenue from digital experiences

To realize the business benefit of the shift to digital, you need a way to drive user engagement, conversion, and expansion inside and across your apps.

“I created an entire growth and adoption strategy focused on educating support and customer success, as well as impacting our sales and marketing funnel, by providing our organization with data on what customers like to do and how to make them more successful. That’s all knowledge that Pendo provides to us as a company.”

Rapid7 logo Jay Brewer | VP of Experience Design

“Pendo has, and continues to provide a vital messaging and analytics platform for various teams in our organization. Dependence on engineering resources has dropped more than 95% for messaging needs. Analytics reporting has contributed to decisions around each initiative Conductor has committed to for its 2019 roadmap.”

wework logo Jonathan Slavuter, User Experience & Product Designer


Make your apps an insights and iteration engine

Unify and track usage data across your entire web and mobile portfolio. Understand the impact of new features and UX changes. Always know what’s top-of-mind for customers so every team — from digital strategy and CX to product ops and innovation — can create experiences that drive lifetime value.

TechValidate 93%

93% of surveyed Large Enterprise organizations saved 15-20 hours/week with Pendo.

Validated Source: TechValidate


Personalize each user’s product journey at massive scale

Segment and engage your customers based on usage and sentiment, from the individual user all the way up to the account. Find every user’s “golden path.” Trigger personalized guides and messages to increase retention and loyalty — all without engineering or data science.


Scale efficiencies and reduce cost

Reduce the hours spent on support tickets by helping users find their way inside your apps. Prioritize product investments based on a clear view of what users do, think, and want to improve the ROI of engineering investments.

Converge on product intelligence to accelerate business growth

Extend product insights across the entire customer lifecycle by combining data from your other enterprise systems like Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, and Intercom. Build custom data pipelines between Pendo and your data warehouse or BI tool of choice.

Sync any data that lives inside a Salesforce object with Pendo account or visitor objects. Leverage Pendo data inside Salesforce for workflows, generating tasks, sending notifications, reporting, and third-party integrations.

Incorporate Pendo data into your Redshift data warehouse for analysis and integration into integral data models across your organization.

Replicate all your Pendo data into a high-performance data warehouse so that you can then use your favorite BI or analytics tools. The Fivetran Pendo connector frees you to focus on insights, instead of maintaining a data integration.

TechValidate 94%

“94% of surveyed customers use Pendo in conjunction with other tools”

Validated Source: TechValidate

Protect your customers’ privacy and reduce security risk

Pendo invests heavily in security certifications, third-party audits, and dedicated data protection officer (DPO) and chief information security officers (CISO) to ensure the integrity and privacy of your data.

Certifications and support
SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2, EU/US Privacy Shield, GDPR, HIPAA

Security policies are defined and managed at the executive level.

Encryption and access controls
All customer data is protected in Google Cloud Platform using industry best practices.

Pendo Training Compliance Diagram
Pendo Professional Services Support Diagram

Achieve your goals with dedicated services and support

Pendo offers onboarding specific to your objectives. Professional services ensures you’ve implemented effectively, your data sources are well integrated, and your team is trained on best practices for creating guides and hitting goals. And our success team is always focused on meeting your needs, no matter how complex.

“96% of Pendo customers see ROI in the first 12-18 months with 70% seeing ROI in the first 6-9 months”

Validated Source: TechValidate