What’s the best way to support your productive employees? Leave them alone

Published Feb 14, 2022

In any organization, the top performers earn respect–for their knowledge, for their savviness managing processes and tools, and of course, for their productivity. This respect is well deserved, but it can make them victims of their own success. Companies lean on their most productive employees for everything: to take part in focus groups, manage process design sessions, give their input on every little issue that comes up, and in countless other ways. They may feel flattered by all the attention at first, but it can quickly lead to them becoming overworked and over-leveraged. 

If left unchecked, these productive employees will begin to experience burnout, have their workplace performance suffer, and quite possibly look elsewhere for work to escape the stress. How can your business avoid that outcome? If you want your employees to stick around and thrive, you have to support them the right way. For your top performers, that means leaving them alone

Support your productive employees (and everyone else) with Pendo

You don’t need to be bombarding your most productive people with requests. There’s a better way to leverage them, one that’s scalable and non-intrusive. We’re excited to announce the general availability of Pendo for Employees to help you do that–and so much more. With Pendo, you’ll be able to:

  • Use robust analytics to understand the flow of work within and across apps, across time, and make strategic decisions about processes and workflows based on those insights.
  • Serve the right content to the right person at the right time via insights-informed segments. 
  • Keep your finger on the employee pulse using in-app polls and surveys so your team knows their voices are being heard. 

Pendo allows you to harness powerful analytics to identify your superusers and high performers, segment them out, and understand the key behaviors that drive their productivity, all without having to pester them for thoughts and feedback. Once you do, you can apply those insights to help the rest of your organization. 

Turn insights into action

Let your most productive employees’ performance inform business technology strategy. Use what you learn about how they do their work to make the right decisions about your IT portfolio, processes, and workflows. Seize on behavioral insights from them as a resource to help provide the right support and guidance to the rest of your team. The result will be a better digital workplace experience for everyone involved. 

Of course, there may still be times where you want to get your productive people’s insights directly about a given issue or provide relevant, timely support that they’d appreciate. When those moments come, you can solicit feedback from them via in-app surveys and share targeted messaging with them in the app. 

Happy employees make for a happy business 

With the Great Resignation continuing to produce record turnover in the workforce, any company that wants to be successful needs to find ways to retain its top talent and keep them happy. It’s time to put your high performers in a position where they feel valued and empowered without feeling overworked and under-supported.  

Productive employees are a powerful resource that you can leverage through Pendo. But making the best possible use of them starts with leaving them alone. 

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