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Using Video in Customer Success with Amaan Nathoo, Bonjoro

Published Apr 23, 2019

Note: The Churn It Up podcast episodes were created by Receptive who Pendo acquired.

About The Episode

This week, Aly talks with Amaan Nathoo, Head of CS & Sales at Bonjoro.

He provides a way to tackle the issue of customers who seem to ignore your emails by using personalized videos to provide value. He also talks about his approach to onboarding and CS in general and how customer success teams should work with sales.

Who Should Listen?

This episode is perfect for CS teams who need some inspiration to spice up their onboarding or customer outreach programs.

Key Takeaways

  • The power of personalization.
  • How to get started shooting video.
  • How to measure results: Videos vs Emails.
  • The relationship and handoff between Sales and CS.
  • Why customers are the best source of CS learning.


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