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Pendo Recognized As 2019 Top Rated Customer Experience Management Software by TrustRadius

Published Jun 26, 2019

In many ways, user experience is becoming the new customer experience, and the companies that collect and understand user insights and sentiment, and then use that data and feedback to improve the user experience often have the edge.

Here’s some evidence. Pendo just received recognition as a Top Rated customer experience management software by TrustRadius for 2019. An accompanying TrustMap shows Pendo among the top products in the category based on satisfaction ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers. Pendo leads the pack in satisfaction and is top three in research frequency.



The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards matter because they reflect what our customers think and care about, factoring the recency of reviews, relevancy to the category and ratings. Since they launched in 2016, the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards offer unbiased recognition of the best B2B technology products in the market.

Customers rated Pendo highly due to a number of factors. Using Pendo, they’ve gotten a deeper understanding of how users journey through their products, and used that insight to make improvements with important outcomes, like reducing churn or the need for customer support. Some have used guides to drive better engagement and higher product adoption, or to tour new users through an app. Others have deployed in-app NPS surveys, driving exponentially higher response rates.

One customer said their team has used Pendo as “a catch-all for activities that we have been wanting to execute but didn’t know how to.”

Here’s a personal favorite: “Pendo has absolutely changed the way [we] do business!”

In each of these cases, insights from Pendo inspired our customers to make improvements that led to better products and happier customers. It’s nice to be recognized as a leader in that work.

The close observer may ask why Pendo is being compared to such a diverse set of vendors, many of which don’t really play in our core categories of product analytics and guided user engagement. If I were to make a guess, I’d say that it’s a sign of convergence, where digital products are becoming the most crucial touchpoints in improving the customer experience. CX is, of course, broader than UX—but UX is becoming the new battleground for differentiation.