Improve UX & Onboarding

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Users don’t read the manual. Guide them through the steps.

Who has time to read instructions? The reality is that most users have limited patience for product complexity. They grow frustrated or give up if they can’t find their own way. Pendo guides your users through the necessary steps to use your product and get value from the features that matter most.

Simplify the Product Experience

Pendo lets you add personalized help and user guidance directly in your product without writing code.

  • Personalize guidance based on user profile, behavior, or level of satisfaction
  • Add tooltips, modals, and banners to any page or feature in your product
  • Make guidance feel like it’s a native part of your app with infinite customization
  • Measure behavior before and after to see how you’ve impacted the user journey
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User Segmentation

In-App Messaging & Guides

We didn’t have any in-product guidance on where to get started when someone came into the product. Since deploying the modal, we’ve seen a 1540% increase in viewership of the getting started videos and average view duration increased 40%. Pendo allowed us to do this with minimal coding, while adding an experience that really looks and feels like a native part of our app.

— Teresa Roche, Director of Customer Success

Make Your Best First Impression

SaaS and mobile products have to demonstrate value fast. That’s why the onboarding experience is so critical. Pendo lets you tailor onboarding walkthroughs and app tours based on important user context like role, or plan level, ensuring that the onboarding experience is concise and relevant.

  • Add onboarding walkthroughs to your application without writing code
  • Train users on the features and tasks that are most relevant to them
  • Measure onboarding effectiveness and easily iterate outside of development cycles
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Product Walkthroughs

Improve Usability and Reduce Support Costs

Don’t leave your users to wander aimlessly through your product. By adding contextual in-app guidance and education to your product, you can improve trial conversion rates, reduce support costs, and increase customer retention.

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