Product analytics

Capture all user activity in your product

Pendo Features Product Analytics

See which features drive engagement

Product teams deliver value one feature at a time. That’s why you need insight into which areas of the product drive user engagement. Pendo provides complete visibility into how your features are used and by whom. We help you understand which features should be retired, which ones your users don’t know about, and which features are getting in the way.

Account and user level visibility

Rich usage analytics are vital to every product team. Pendo lets you see activity at both the account and individual user level. Measure account activity to gauge customer health, understand who your superusers are, see historical trends, and follow exactly what a user does throughout the course of a day.

Compare across segments

Important insights often surface when comparing usage across different segments. Whether it’s large versus small customers, trial versus paid, or different user roles, variations across segments are a powerful way to understand adoption patterns and retention risk. Pendo visualizes side-by-side comparisons of user behavior across different segments to help you identify hidden opportunities to improve the product experience.

See the big picture with integrated multi-app analytics

Does your organization have more than one product? Your insights and analytics should cover your entire portfolio, not be split into silos. When you roll up product analytics to the portfolio level, you can understand user engagement and compare customer health across all the apps they use. Pendo makes it easy to understand how users interact with multiple solutions, measure performance and retention between apps, and drive user adoption across all your products.

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