Pendo Listen vs. the rest: Why Pendo’s VOC solution wins every time

Not all VOC tools are created equal. Learn why Pendo Listen is in a league of its own.

Understanding customers is a core tenant of a successful company. Product, growth, and customer success teams can’t build the right products or say the right things without this deep knowledge. 

But as companies grow, it get’s harder and harder to stay close to customers. 

Voice of the Customer (VOC) tools are here to solve this problem. But pick the wrong tool, and you’re adding work to your plate—not taking it away.

We understand how hard it is to get a 360° view of your users and product. Yet without a platform-based VOC tool like Pendo Listen, PMs will struggle to accurately interpret data and waste resources on the wrong features. Here are three reasons why Listen is the best choice for your product (and users).

Understand who’s who with contextualized feedback

You shouldn’t have to manually connect their qualitative inputs with product usage or session replays when a user submits feedback. As you add more users, this wastes hours of time and effort—and opens up the possibility for error. 

Unlike other VOC alternatives, Pendo Listen is fully integrated with the rest of your product data. Pendo combines quantitative data (the what) with qualitative and visual data (the why). With all of your product data in one place, you get the most complete view of your users that’s only possible on an all-in-one platform.

Imagine this: You launch a shiny new feature, but immediately receive negative user feedback specific to the new feature. Using Pendo Listen, you click into feedback items to understand who is dissatisfied, and watch replay footage to learn that your button labels are too vague. Mystery solved. 

Validate ideas in-app and close the feedback loop

Gone are the days of excessive point solutions and context switching. Unlike other VOC solutions, Pendo Listen lets you gather high volumes of user feedback, test ideas in-app, share updates, and build your roadmap in one place. After all, there’s no point in capturing user feedback if you can’t act on it. 

After you’ve collected feedback in-app, Pendo Listen auto-generates summaries and suggests ideas. Now, you can launch Idea Tests to know what resonates with different users and send that data to your roadmaps tool. 

Pendo segments combine user- and account-level metadata with product usage, guide interactions, user feedback, and more. Because Listen’s analysis is contextualized with in-app guides, segments, and your roadmap, you can close the feedback loop quickly. 

Simply use existing user segments or build new ones from your feedback and Idea Test contributors. Next, use Guides to keep specific groups updated. 

Use AI tools that are actually intelligent

We don’t need to tell you that AI/ML tools are all the rage. Unfortunately, most AI features within your VOC tools (and most products, for that matter) simply don’t live up to their big promises. 

Pendo Listen is packed with AI-powered tools to make your VOC programs faster, more accurate, and more impactful. 

  • Use AI to clean up and standardize qualitative data. Whether your third-party user feedback comes from sticky notes and .CSV files or Salesforce and Zendesk, no inputs are too messy.
  • Save your team weeks of manual analysis with AI summaries—the only scalable way to sort, synthesize, and surface key themes from big batches of feedback. 
  • Suggest potential product ideas based on your user feedback, connect them directly to feedback items, and send this to your roadmap. 


Product, growth, and customer success teams can’t build the right products or say the right things without deep knowledge of your customers’ experiences, wants, and needs. Take a tour of Pendo Listen, or request a demo to learn more.