Nine Product Management Blogs to Read in 2020

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more product-related content? If so, we’ve got nine product management blogs you should bookmark right now (in addition to ProductCraft, of course). The below list offers something for just about everyone, from the PM looking for career advice to the budding SaaS entrepreneur. Happy reading!

Product Talk

Teresa Torres, the writer of Product Talk, coaches PMs and product teams for a living. Her client list includes some seriously impressive names like Allstate, Capital One, The Guardian, and Snagajob. As a product discovery coach, Teresa is extremely aware that PMs are insanely busy. Most want to dedicate serious time to improving their skills, but struggle to fit personal/career growth into their schedules. That’s why she keeps Product Talk’s content brief, to the point, and easily digestible.

The Productboard Blog

Productboard, one of the leading roadmapping tools, produces a fantastic blog about product management and the PM role. And the content doesn’t focus on just roadmaps or prioritization frameworks. In fact, their articles delve into topics like product-led growth, product-market fit, and customer feedback. We highly recommend their Age of Product Excellence series, in which they profile top leaders and influencers in the field.

The OpenView Venture Partners Blog

OpenView is a venture capital firm that invests in companies in the expansion/growth stage, and the group that coined the term “product-led growth.” Needless to say, we’re big fans. If you’re in the startup/tech entrepreneurship space, this is a great blog for you. They interview VCs, share tips for perfecting your pitch, and examine investment trends through a product-led lens. Other major topics of interest include pricing and freemium.

Inside Intercom

Intercom, one of the leaders in customer messaging and support chat, produces a blog (and a podcast) on a wide variety of business-related topics, from sales to customer support. A significant percentage of their articles, however, focuses on product management and PM-adjacent subjects. If you’re looking for long-form, in-depth content, this blog is a great source for detailed commentary and explanations of up-and-coming trends.

The ProductPlan Blog

ProductPlan is another solution in the product roadmapping space, and their blog offers a variety of content on subjects like product strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, and agile. If you’re a new PM or looking to move up the job ladder, they have an entire “Career” section. In particular, we like their post on finding a product manager mentor, but they also have articles on interviewing, hiring, getting promoted, and more.

Sachin Rekhi

Sachin Rekhi, the CEO and founder of Notejoy (and a speaker at our upcoming ProductCraft Conference: San Francisco event), writes prolifically about all things product management and tech startups. In fact, he’s written more than 150 essays on these topics over the past ten years. No matter which product-related function you want to read more about, you’ll probably find something on Sachin’s site. Sign up for his popular monthly newsletter to get his thought-provoking and refreshing content right in your inbox.


Hiten Shah, co-founder of Use FYI and a serial entrepreneur, is definitely a friend of ProductCraft. He’s appeared on our podcast, written an article for us, and is even speaking at our upcoming conference in San Francisco. And we’re huge fans of his, especially of his blog, where he shares personal anecdotes, sometimes-controversial opinions, and lessons he’s learned. Check out his “SaaS Weekly” newsletter for additional curated content on PM and tech.


Rian van der Merwe has been writing Elezea since 2009. The site’s unique title is actually a Swahili word meaning to clarify or explain. And that’s what Rian does with regard to product strategy, product management, and software. His professional background encompasses both product and UX design, and his blog’s content reflects both areas of experience. PMs who work closely with UX team members will find this resource particularly helpful.

Product Collective

With over 200,000 members, Product Collective is one of the biggest product communities around. Their blog covers just about every PM topic there is, from building a solid product strategy to collaborating successfully with engineers. Also, the articles are accompanied by funny and quirky gifs for those readers who might need an extra laugh.

Is there another product-related blog we should add to our reading list? If so, tweet us at @Product_Craft and let us know.