Connect Pendo and Slack to bring product data to every conversation

Published Sep 14, 2021

At Pendo, we love Slack. It’s how our teams communicate, plan, and get stuff done. We know this is true for so many teams. The most successful product-led organizations deliver a next-level product experience by bringing data to their conversations, and using it to drive action across all teams. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce a new major feature to the Pendo for Slack integration

In October of this year, our new link preview feature for our Slack and Pendo integration goes GA. This integration makes it easy to share Pendo product data right inside any Slack conversation–copy and send data-rich Pendo links in Slack, and they’ll automatically expand with additional data and context around what you’re sharing.

This integration is so important because, as we all know, being data-driven is crucial to make the best product divisions and deliver a better product experience. But just simply collecting the data isn’t enough. You need to turn all of this data into insights, and those insights into action. And to truly turn insights into action, you need to effectively share those insights across teams where the important conversations are already happening. That way, cross-functional teams can access, collaborate, and act on product insights, too.

When the Slack for Pendo integration went live, our first customer was, of course, ourselves. At Pendo, we integrate the product data we collect directly into Slack to share product insights across teams, where collaboration is already happening. Here are two examples of the power of Pendo and Slack together:

NEW: Pendo + Slack Link Preview

There are so many important product insights stored in Pendo that marketing, sales, success, or leadership teams should know about. Sometimes those teams just need the highlights, but they’re moving too fast and don’t have time to log into Pendo to get the information they need.

With this new feature of the Pendo + Slack integration, any Pendo link pasted into Slack shows a data-rich preview of what it’s linking to. Now anyone in your organization can see a preview of the product insights about a given page, feature, or guide.

Take, for example, our own leadership team. They want to track the impact of a new feature release by seeing views, clicks, and visitors, but they don’t necessarily have time to jump into Pendo, so sometimes these insights can be forgotten or glossed over. With the Slack integration, however, our product team can drop a link to that feature announcement guide in a Slack channel to show the impact without leadership ever having to log in.

Pendo NPS + Slack

We all know the old saying: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Well, the same goes for NPS responses. If your user submits an NPS response but nobody sees it, does it make a difference?

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is a key indicator of customer satisfaction, and it impacts much more than just the product team. Sales, marketing, and customer success all need access to the gold mine of customer insights that NPS provides.

With a direct integration from Pendo to Slack, our team has an #NPS channel with 325 active members there to watch the NPS responses roll in. We’re able to see the response (out of 10) and response message, right there in Slack where we’re already working. The message also includes all visitor information, such as email, title, and the last time they logged in.

This information is critical for marketing and success teams for things like email campaigns, account follow up, or digging into any problems that were raised in the NPS response. For example, if a customer mentioned that they gave a lower score because they can’t get a feature to work, it is easy to start a thread with the product manager who should know about a potential bug. 

We’re also able to see account information like the CSM assigned to that account, the account owner, and the account’s renewal date. This information makes it easy to know who needs to be tagged for follow up questions, concerns, or general kudos.

Product-led organizations deliver a next-level customer experience by putting data at the center of their conversations, and using it to drive action across all teams–not just product. Things move quickly here at Pendo, but we’re able to keep up by integrating our Pendo insights into our Slack conversations, and giving everyone the insight and ability to act on the data we get from the product.