Using Pendo to communicate, retain and grow during uncertain times


Because what’s happening in the world is unprecedented, there’s no set of best practices to lead us through. Instead, we need to chart this course together. That’s why we’re bringing together some of the best ideas, tips, and resources into one hub. It’s where we can share with and learn from one another just how to provide our customers with the value and experiences that led them to buy in the first place.

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Solving new challenges with Pendo

If you’re like many companies, “product” is becoming a team sport. Here are some use cases for teams outside of product management:

How sales and marketing teams can use Pendo for more effective outreach
Pendo + CS: From cat herder to consultant
Mutual delight: Using Pendo during trials to create value on both sides of the deal
Retention at Pendo: Sales

When customer demand skyrockets (often unexpectedly), automated onboarding can help you scale.

Meeting revenue goals is more important than ever during uncertain times. Explore how to convert trial customers to paid, faster.

Many companies are launching new features to help their customers during the health crisis. Here’s how to get them into users' hands faster.

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