Customer loyalty decoded

Take a more proactive, data-driven approach to customer retention

Pendo Customer Retention Qual Quant

Know what matters most to customers

Get a more accurate pulse of customer satisfaction by overlaying survey responses with usage behavior. Pinpoint exactly what keeps users coming back and what drives them away.

Identify the leading indicators of customer churn

Identify which features and pages are used by your most successful customers, then apply those patterns to new features and experiences

Pendo Customer Retention Page Tree
Pendo Customer Retention Targeted Guides

Preempt customer frustration and confusion

Observe trends and collect feedback to identify customer pain. Head off churn risk with targeted guides that help users overcome their challenges.


After implementing Pendo, 77% of customers saw up to a 10% reduction in churn.

Ashley McIlwain, Customer Success, Essity

“Being able to communicate with our customers in-app without dev intervention has propelled our customer success organization to a much more effective place. Having detailed, segmented, and retroactive usage data has given us insights that we simply didn’t have before using Pendo.”

Ashley McIlwain | Customer Success, Essity logo

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