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4 better business outcomes powered by Pendo

Published Aug 29, 2023
Want to cut costs, grow revenue, streamline ops, and increase loyalty? We’ve got you covered.

Higher revenues. Lower costs. More retention. Less churn. Every business wants to drive better outcomes, but how best to get there? In today’s digital-first world, the answer increasingly comes down to your product. Yes, it should be the vehicle for getting your users maximum value and unparalleled features and functionality. But it can—and needs to be—so much more. 

Pendo’s all-in-one product experience platform exists to maximize value from software for both the user and the business. For the latter, here are four better business outcomes Pendo helps customers get to—and the ways it does so.

1. Reduce costs

At a time of frozen or shrinking budgets especially, reining in spend matters. Pendo makes it easy for product and IT teams to control costs and maximize ROI on resources.

Deflect support tickets

The last thing you want is for your IT team to be inundated with support tickets related to basic features or usage. Yet it’s often the case that IT can find themselves drowning in these type requests. Often support ticket pileups stem from a poor onboarding experience. Users quickly forget anything covered in “one and done” sessions, only to have no idea what to do when the time comes to apply their knowledge.

Pendo changes all of this by bringing onboarding and support to users in a way that’s timely, contextual, and relevant. By guiding users through features and workflows via in-app notifications, the platform helps teams ensure that users are getting support where and when they need, and that they’ll always have access to it. This kind of in-app, automated onboarding not only scales easily, it frees up IT teams to pursue more strategic, meaningful work. 

Free up time for developers

The kind of in-app messaging Pendo lets you quickly deploy also frees up engineering time and resources. Pendo lets non-engineers build guides intuitively, easily, and quickly. What once could take an engineer days to build can now be done by a product manager in an hour. Pendo also lets developers deploy “hotfixes” to minor bugs or issues that would normally take time for engineers to fully solve. By empowering engineers to focus on more strategic, higher impact work, businesses are setting themselves up for greater success.

Make better decisions

Businesses always have product and development priorities. But how do they know they’re the right priorities? How can they be sure that the choices they make are the ones most likely to generate value for their customers and themselves? With a tool like Roadmaps, Pendo lets product teams build alignment among project stakeholders, prove business impact, tie priorities to customer feedback requests, and make updates in real time. 

2. Grow revenue

It’s important for businesses to grow their revenue—and not just at any cost, but at the right cost. By automating growth opportunities into your product, Pendo helps put businesses on the path to sustainable growth, and the means to scale with it. 

Product-led growth

Your product is more than the sum of its core features and functionality. It’s also a sales tool, a marketing channel, a support hub, and so much else for your business. Through in-app guides and notifications, rich behavioral analytics, and comprehensive feedback management, Pendo helps businesses turn their product into the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to growth and revenue generation.

Customer expansion

One key benefit of Pendo-powered product-led growth is greater customer expansion. Pendo’s robust analytics let you segment by metadata and behavior, so you can target automated cross-sell and upsell campaigns to customers for whom it would make sense, while leaving alone those for whom it wouldn’t. The result is personalized sales and marketing content delivered to the customers most likely to convert from it.  

In-app messaging

The ability to communicate with users where and when it matters most—in the app itself, as they’re using it—is what helps customers get the most from the digital experiences you provide. Pendo lets you build cohesive and intuitive experiences for users across your web and mobile apps—and you don’t have to be a developer to do it. With the help of our simple visual designer, anyone in your company can leverage this powerful means of communication.

3. Increase loyalty

Bringing in more customers is important to growth. But just as important is to sustain and grow the enthusiasm of your customer base. It costs far more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, and Pendo gives you the power to increase customer loyalty in a variety of ways. 

In-app self service

For one, businesses can allow customers the power to move quickly by providing always on, fully automated self service. Gone are the days of having to wait for a manual solution to a problem that’s easily addressable with the right support. What’s more, with a single source of support truth such as the Resource Center, customers will have perpetual access to a repository of information on releases, FAQs, and how-tos that let them get back to deriving value from your product faster and more efficiently. 

Higher adoption

The primary value of in-app support and onboarding is that it gets customers and employees to value faster. The result is that adoption increases, as does the consistency of usage. Why risk trying to enable or notify users of new features in external channels like email that you have no control over? By leveraging in-app guidance, you know customers will see information on what’s new and coming when it makes sense, and are therefore more likely to adopt what’s on offer.

4. Improve operations

At a time of stiff macroeconomic headwinds, efficiency is the name of the game. Pendo’s tool helps businesses hone and streamline operations, so that they’re getting the most out of what they build and invest in.

Achieve clarity and focus

The best product experience platforms give you clear insights about what’s working in your product, what isn’t, and what’s top of mind for your customers. By leveraging powerful product analytics, businesses can establish clear priorities about what in the user experience needs to be improved, expanded, or created, and focus on building what matters most. Soliciting feedback via in-app polls and surveys in Pendo also gets product teams crucial qualitative data to validate that their focus is on the right things. 

 Empower internal teams

As a business, your greatest asset is your talent, and Pendo makes it easier than ever to empower employees to do their best work. Guide your employees through new ways of working, improved workflows, and newly rolled out internal-facing apps the same way you do for customers. Leverage powerful analytics to understand how work happens, and use segmented in-app messaging to get help to those who need it, while leaving those who don’t alone. With Pendo, it’s all possible. 

Innovate faster

Pendo lets teams make changes and iterate at an unprecedented pace. Leveraging product analytics, you can quickly discern how, for example, a new feature is performing. Is it living up to adoption and usage expectations? Is it generating feedback? If so, is the sentiment expressed therein what was expected? By seeing quickly how your product is performing in the wild, product teams can innovate and experiment with changes faster than ever before. 

Want to learn more about Pendo’s comprehensive product experience platform—and how it can help you achieve key business outcomes? Take a self-guided tour or schedule a custom demo today.