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Top 10 webinars to binge-watch during your next break

Published Dec 23, 2019

If your New Year’s resolution is to become a master of your craft, look no further. We compiled some of our favorite webinars of the year that will help make you a better product manager and Pendo user. With everything from live demos — great for new Pendo users or experts that want a refresher — to industry trends that we’ve researched, this marathon will make you feel like a renewed product manager. Watch the webinars here. 

1. Delivering engaging in-app experiences with smart onboarding

With only 40-60% of software users converting from free trial to active users, SaaS companies know how critical it is to implement successful onboarding. 

Join Hailey Hickman, Program Manager at PagerDuty, and Jason Mueller, VP of Product at Pendo, as they discuss the importance of building an onboarding flow that engages users and pushes them to the elusive ‘aha’ moment. Don’t miss how PagerDuty turned a complex onboarding experience into a simple step-by-step guide that nurtures users and gets them to log back in.

2. Pendo 101 – Insights and Guidance

Get back to the basics with Pendo 101. This demo is perfect if you want to get a glimpse into Pendo’s capabilities, or if you’re an existing Pendo user in need of a quick refresher. Learn how Pendo enables you to track user behaviors, design in-app guidance, deploy surveys, and capture feedback. 

3. Evolution of the Product Manager

Over the past four years, we’ve discussed everything from agile to the consumerization of enterprise software to design thinking. Come hear what trends will affect product managers in 2020. Spoiler alert: the product-led movement will definitely be one. Join long-time product leaders, Eric Boduch, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Pendo, and Steve Johnson, Vice President of Products at Pragmatic Institute to learn upcoming trends.

4. Feedback 

In 2019, feedback became the newest addition to our product cloud. Learn how Pendo Feedback can help you gather feedback from your customers, colleagues, and prospects as well as collaborate with them. This webinar is perfect for product managers who want to become as customer-centric as possible (aka every product manager). Learn how Feedback can inform your strategy, and how it will help your product organization align on the right efforts. 

5. If You Build It, Will They Come? 

When users find value in the features you build, they’re more engaged in your product and more likely to renew and advocate. But a recent Pendo study suggests that the vast majority of features are rarely or never used. In fact, software companies invest up to $29.5 billion every year developing these underutilized features. Agile and continuous deployment practices have accelerated delivery of new features. But continuous deployment needs to be paired with continuous adoption practices. Otherwise, you may be delivering innovation users are unable to consume.

6. Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a must-have for the modern data-informed product manager. Within Pendo, it’s the central location for analyzing and communicating insights from all product data. With Data Explorer, product teams can quickly uncover usage trends and patterns, then utilize these insights to make iterative improvements to their product—all within a single platform.

7. How to Build Data-Driven Design Systems 

Brands are investing heavily in cohesive digital experiences that span the customer journey. But product and UX leaders often struggle to connect their limited data and qualitative feedback, making it difficult to understand the complete journey.

A connected ecosystem of product and design platforms can solve this problem by providing rich insights across all of your products and digital properties. This webinar with Invision will help any product manager craft and implement a data-driven design system. 

8. Mobile 

Connecting the mobile and desktop user experience is essential for many organizations to remain competitive in the market. Learn how Pendo can help you create a connected customer experience across your mobile and web product portfolio to deliver seamless, omnichannel user guidance. Check out this live demo for a glimpse into understanding how users navigate between web and mobile applications. 

9. The Rise of Product Ops 

Operations functions have been around for decades, and now it’s product’s turn. In order to understand why you need a product ops function, it’s important to first understand what it is and how it fits into organizational structures. This webinar covers five core areas of the product ops function, why it’s on the rise, and where it fits within the larger product environment.

10. The Role of Product Ops in Release Management 

An important aspect of any product ops function is driving efficiency in the product release process. In this webinar, we break down product ops’ specific role in release management and progressive delivery. Learn how product ops, product management, and engineering can work together to target feature releases to the right audiences and capture valuable feedback in-product to innovate and go to market faster.