Growth opportunities unlocked

Increase cross-sell and upsell conversions

Pendo Account Expansion Retention Analytics

Identify high-potential segments

Identify patterns throughout your most valuable account cohorts. Increase opportunities for account expansion by investing in customers who behave similarly.


“We are able to identify areas of high usage and the associated users so we can better learn from their experiences and identify product promoters.”

Increase trial conversions

Employ guides to direct trial users to the features and behaviors that correlate to purchase.


“We had all this data from what we know a person does in trial, so we created an onboarding path based on that data. The walkthroughs had a 52% completion rate, and increased trial conversion by 11%.”

Pendo Account Expansion Resource Center
Pendo Account Expansion Feature Upvotes

Build features customers are willing to pay for

Leverage customer feedback to know which features will generate the biggest return. Turn feedback requests into a list of the customers most likely to be interested in the new feature.

Norm Robinson, Knowledge Development Manager, Catchpoint

“Since launch, 10% of our marketing-sourced deals are coming through the guided test drive, and leads from the test drive experience close roughly twice as fast as leads that go through the full free trial process.”

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