What’s Your Work-From-Home Personality?

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it. As a treat to help you start the weekend on the right foot, we’re sharing this fun little quiz made by our friends over at Pendo. A lot of companies have been remote since April, and we’ve all struggled with how to make the most of working from home. Now that we’re a couple of months in, I’d say we’ve pretty much nailed our work-from-home personas.

So, which one are you? The Best-Dressed? The Incognito? Take the quiz here to find out.

The Wrangler

Congrats! You have a lot going on at home, but you’re still on top of it all. You probably have tiny little coworkers who demand attention and make a lot of messes, but we get it. You are the ultimate multi-tasker, managing childcare, Zoom meetings, work deadlines, virtual learning, and/or homeschooling. People should fear your ability to work past through all the distractions and project-manage the little ones. We commend your wrangling and prioritization skills and your razor-sharp focus on what matters.

The Pet Parent

Congrats! You’re the Pet Parent! You love your pets, and the whole world needs to know how adorable they are (and we agree that it’s important). You love working from home because you get to be around your best friend constantly. They make great co-workers when they’re not trying to steal your lunch or sit on your computer! Even then, they’re still pretty cute. Please continue sharing pet pictures with your colleagues. You’re doing all of us a favor by brightening up our Zoom screens with your furry friends.

The Cozy Colleague

Congrats! You’re the Cozy Colleague! You love working from home, because it’s you, your favorite mug, and your weighted blanket against the world. You can get anything done when you’re on the couch. People are in awe at how you manage to zoom through all your tasks while being so cozy. We love your perfectly-designed workspace, from the stylish essential oil diffuser to the row of adorable succulents. Please give us some self-care and home improvement tips! We want our WFH spaces to look as cute and comfortable as yours does.

The Incognito

Congrats! You’re the Incognito! You’re the super mysterious colleague who doesn’t turn on their camera or attend many happy hours. We have no idea what’s going on and we haven’t seen your face in a while, but it’s okay. We appreciate your dedication to being mysterious. In our minds, you’re balancing your work duties with fighting crime or moonlighting at a top-secret government agency. Hey, we all need to keep ourselves extra occupied these days. Thanks for giving our imaginations a workout.

The Best Dressed

Congrats! You’re the Best Dressed! Remote work never stood a chance against your fashionista tendencies. You’ve always been a sharp dresser, and you’re going to make sure everyone recognizes that you’re their best-dressed colleague, even if they can’t see you in person. Sweatpants? Hoodies? Nope, it’s business casual always. And if you do decide to dress down a bit, you know how to make a pair of yoga pants and an oversized sweater look perfectly on-trend. We all bow down to your ability to accessorize and would let you give us a makeover any day of the week.

The Social Butterfly

Congrats! You’re the Social Butterfly! Remote work must have been hard at first for you — you’re a people magnet! You love swinging by people’s desks and catching up with them. But these days, you’ve got the whole socially-distanced-friendship thing down pat. You plan the virtual happy hours, you schedule regular check-ins, and you know you’re only one Slack message away from chatting with your colleagues.

The At-Home-in-Nature

Congrats! You’re the At-Home-in-Nature! Talk about embracing remote work. People are always asking, “Is that a Zoom background or are you really out there?” The answer is: yes, you are really out there. Why not let work and gorgeous scenery go hand-in-hand? You’ve somehow figured out how to perfectly hotspot your internet and work from every part of the world. Keep exploring and letting us live vicariously through your home-away-from-home adventures.

So, which work-from-home persona are you? Did we miss any? Let us know on Twitter: @Product_Craft.