Pendo vs. Whatfix: Why change management leaders choose Pendo

Pendo’s unmatched analytics and segmentation offerings make it easier than ever to guide employees through change and drive digital transformation. 

Change is hard. As human beings, it can be difficult—even scary—for us to face new ways of doing things. It’s natural to respond to unfamiliar circumstances with confusion, anxiety, or resistance if we feel like we’re navigating change alone. 

The right DAP makes all the difference

In the context of the workplace, the numbers don’t lie: The vast majority of large-scale digital transformation projects fail. They fail because transformation leaders aren’t supporting employees as they adapt to new ways of working, whether in homegrown applications or external ones like Salesforce. Considering the average company pays for over 300 SaaS apps, this is a waste both of talent and money. 

Pendo vs Whatfix for change management

For change management teams, the right digital adoption platform (DAP) can mean the difference between success and failure. DAPs help drive successful change management by guiding users through new processes and workflows in-app. They also offer product analytics to give managers a view into how employees are behaving within and across workplace software. 

With multiple digital adoption platforms on the market, change teams need to pick the one that will help them deliver the most value. Whatfix, for example, purports to be a “Pendo alternative” DAP for driving change management. But in the scope of its offerings and power to both, Pendo’s data-driven DAP is unmatched. Here’s why change management teams consistently choose Pendo over Whatfix.  

Understand how work happens today to transform it tomorrow

Powerful product analytics are table stakes. To successfully drive change, teams need to have a comprehensive understanding into how employees work and behave over time. But while Whatfix’s surface-level analytics relies on cookies for user identification and only collects data for only 90 days, Pendo’s deep analytics stores data up to seven years, giving you a holistic, long-term, reliable picture of user behavior. 

product analytics to help change management

What’s more, Pendo’s comprehensive platform makes it easy to zoom out for a bigger picture of how work happens, then dive deep into specific trends. Unlike Whatfix, Pendo offers workflow journeys, which lets you answer key contextual questions about how employees are engaging with processes, where they drop off or get stuck, how long it takes them to complete it, and more. In addition, Session Replay allows teams to assess and playback visual data about how employees are engaging with specific workflows, apps, and features. 

Pendo platform showing the benefits a DAP for change management

Get the right support to the right user at the right time

Of course, analytics are only as powerful as what you do with them. Change management teams should focus on picking a digital adoption platform that lets them turn insights into action easily and quickly. 

Pendo’s AI-generated insights based on quantitative and qualitative data get smarter over time thanks to our powerful, custom-built machine learning model, and change teams can easily build support motions based on them. Pendo’s in-app guidance capabilities let companies offer the right help to the right employee at the right time–within and across applications, as they’re using them. While Whatfix offers no out-of-the-box cross-app guidance solution and only limited segmentation capabilities, Pendo lets teams easily create and deploy cross-app guides and create segments by metadata (role, location, etc.) and behavior (if it’s someone’s first time using an app, etc.).

Pendo helps drive successful, lasting change and digital transformation

When it comes to change management software, Pendo’s solution is unmatched. With its powerful, security-compliant analytics, customizable in-app and cross-app guidance, and comprehensive platform, change teams can drive lasting digital transformation, elevate the employee experience, and drive business wins at scale. Change is hard, but with Pendo, it doesn’t have to be.

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