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Funnels and Paths are the New Black

Published Mar 26, 2015

New Pendo Features

We are excited to talk about a few new features we have launched recently as part of the Pendo platform. Funnels and Paths.


Funnels enable you to understand how your users flow through your application. You can identify where they drop off and how you can optimize your application to get your users to where they want to go in the most efficient way possible. With Pendo, you can create a funnel in seconds flat, and start to get the clarity you crave.Pendo Funnel


Where Funnels help you understand the flow through a well known sequence of steps, Paths help you explore how people use your application if you don’t already know. For example, from a given page, where do people go next? What features do they use next? How did they get to this page or feature? With Pendo, you can quickly and easily set up Paths and get the answers you want.

Pendo Paths

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