White Paper

The product experience maturity model

Your product is a changemaker

Businesses don’t grow from startups into global enterprises overnight. 

That kind of growth takes time, commitment, and consistency over many years. It demands a willingness to embrace discomfort and implement new ways of doing things, as well as the rigor to apply them at scale. And it requires dedication to listening to users, following the data, and building products and features that don’t just check a box—but solve a critical business need.

But of course, once companies reach the “enterprise” echelon, their growth doesn’t stop there. They need to stay agile and adaptable, and continuously test and incorporate new tactics into how they operate to meaningfully engage with customers and stay in lockstep with the market. Today, that means embracing digital transformation, operating as a data-driven organization, and optimizing every experience your customers have with your business—including leveraging your product to do more with less.

While transforming the way entire well-established businesses operate is a daunting, oftentimes multi-year task (and notoriously challenging to boot)—at this moment in time, product teams have more sway and power to drive successful change than ever before. And leadership views the work they do as more important to overall business health and success than ever before. The companies that are modernizing their customer experiences, rethinking how they use and democratize product data, and investing in digital transformation are the ones that have become—and are poised to continue to be—indispensable to their customers, even in a downturn. 

The product experience maturity model is a framework to guide and empower product teams to lead change and digital transformation in their organizations, while optimizing the product experience and driving growth for the business. Think about it as a hierarchy of needs: By understanding what each stage of maturity looks like—and how to leverage product experience tools like Pendo to improve how you and your product function at each step—you’ll be better able to delight your customers and slingshot your entire organization into its next stage of growth.