Introducing Pendo Data Sync: Unlock product-led decision making across your business

Published May 2, 2023

At Pendo, we talk a lot about being product led. While there are many facets of a product-led organization, at the core it’s simple: It means every team aligns around and leverages the product to achieve their goals. Companies need a common product language and shared goals. And to do this, product data needs to become a crucial driver of business decisions.

Data is the lifeblood of product-led organizations. Without insight into how your users are navigating (or struggling in) your product, how can you make the right decisions to improve it? Collecting this valuable insight into your users is key, but data is only as good as the decisions you make with it. Product data needs to show up in the places where decisions are already being made in order to truly deliver value. 

This is the problem we’re setting out to solve with Pendo Data Sync: allowing teams to connect product data across the business by exporting enriched event data to a cloud storage destination of choice. By connecting your product data to wherever the rest of your business-critical data is stored, you can blend data sources from the entire business—including sales, customer success (CS), business development, and more—to easily access, centralize, and share insights. 

Extend the power of Pendo data across your organization

Data Sync helps organizations ​​unleash more power from their product data. By making it easy to move your product data to the places where analysis is happening, you can create one source of truth for all your key business data. Here’s what this means for teams across the business:

    • Data teams can centralize and share business insights from a single business intelligence (BI) tool
    • Customer-facing teams can build a complete user journey with contextual business data from all important data sources (sales, marketing, support, and beyond)
    • Product leaders gain a global view of visitor analytics across multiple product lines using different analytics tools
    • Product and CS teams can blend NPS data with historical account data to contextualize user sentiment and create a robust customer health score
    • Customer success teams can create outreach or onboarding based on where users are getting stuck in the product

With Data Sync, people across the organization can tap into product data without creating a mountain of work for data teams. No more wasting precious time and resources managing a complex API or spending budget on third party connector tools to extract valuable data from Pendo.

Data science and data engineering teams will now have easy access to enriched data, delivered in a format designed for immediate, seamless use. They can easily leverage Pendo’s product analytics to surface key insights and paint a complete picture. And that complete picture will finally give leadership the confidence that they’re seeing the forest for the trees. 

In the end, Data Sync will help democratize data so all teams—product, marketing, sales, support, and leadership—can make confident, data-informed decisions that consider the customer’s entire journey. 

EDIT: Data Sync is now live! Click here to request a demo and to see Data Sync in action.