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Personalize engagement with segmentation

Learn how user behaviors vary between segments to deliver a better product experience.
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Get actionable insights about your users

Build precise segments in Pendo based on any behavioral, demographic, or customer attributes
Build precise segments
Divide your user base by any number of behavioral, demographic, or customer attributes.
Deliver targeted in-app messages
Tailor onboarding for different roles and promote features that drive deeper engagement.
Design better product experiences
Create unique experiences for different types of users to improve satisfaction and drive expansion.
Reach only the right users
Use Nested Segments to combine segments or exclude the ones you don’t wish to contact—like a “do not call” list.
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    Nested Segments allow me to share and democratize information about our segments. It’s like a single source of truth. Jason Lambert, Product Marketing
  • GlobalPayments logo
    With Pendo, I’m able to answer a lot of questions about our users, and even segment by customer type or user role to see how product usage differs for each group. Chad Parker, Manager of Product Ownership
  • Zonar logo
    We’ve been improving the conversion of users that actually show up to do a [customer feedback] interview. But it all really started with the Pendo segment and the Pendo guide to be able to reach those users directly in our product. Dan Clem, Senior Product Manager

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Coursera logo
Coursera used Pendo to scale and automate new user onboarding to meet surging demand during COVID-19.
Scaled and automated new user onboarding
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Restaurant 365 logo
Restaurant365 uses Pendo to build operational resilience through understanding user engagement and becoming more proactive in helping customers succeed.


mobile app adoption
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Mimecast logo
Mimecast used Pendo to decrease friction in the product, reduce support tickets, support upsell and cross-sell initiatives, and boost engagement with key features.


adoption of new feature promoted through in-app guides
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