How-to Guide

7 ways the healthcare industry can improve the digital experience

COVID-19 has drastically impacted the healthcare industry, with many doctors offices closing their doors and turning to telemedicine instead. When patients no longer interact with their providers face-to-face and staff no longer work together in person, the software they rely on to communicate and track patient information is more critical than ever.

As more patients access health services online, patients and providers will turn to the software products that provide the best user experience. So, how can you ensure that it’s as seamless as possible?

Here are seven tactics healthcare technology companies can use to create a better digital experience:

1. Discover how patients use your software

Knowing how patients use an application is often a huge blind spot for healthcare companies. Due to concerns over HIPAA compliance, teams have been hesitant to use an outside tool and instead relied on engineering to run backend queries to answer questions–which isn’t very efficient when you need information quickly. With a proper product analytics platform, you can collect data on key workflows and usage patterns to help better understand how patients navigate your software. You can then use these insights to validate hypotheses on user behaviors and track changes in usage as you make improvements over time.

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