Hyper-targeted surveys and polls

Know what users think and how they feel about your product

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Pendo Sentiment: NPS Survey

Improve survey relevance and increase response rates by 10x

Serve NPS and other polls directly in-app to yield better results. Target specific product interactions and user segments to get the input you need. Trigger email backup to understand why users lapse.


“Because we’re asking for feedback in the application, we see response rates of 50% versus the 7-8% we’d get for emailed surveys. The targeting allows us to make sure we’re getting relevant feedback from the right users.”

Pendo for Customer Success

95% of surveyed organizations whose customer success teams use Pendo saw improved customer satisfaction and NPS scores.

Validated Source: TechValidate

TechValidate 95%

Combine responses with usage data for a 360° view of the customer

Merge qualitative and quantitative insights for a clear picture of what frustrates or delights users. Know which experiences drive business benefits and which get in the way.


“In-app feature announcements are much more targeted and created by non-dev resources. We have a tremendous amount of NPS data, much more than we’d ever possibly get without Pendo.”

Pendo Sentiment: NPS Qual / Quant
Pendo Sentiment: NPS Scatterplot

Activate promoters and provide proactive support to detractors

Facilitate new revenue opportunities based on NPS results. Send notifications to turn your promoters into champions. Increase retention by addressing your detractors’ concerns with custom in-app guidance.

Taylor Young, Customer Success Operations, Terminus

“We have been running NPS through Pendo and directing the responses to a company-wide Slack channel. By doing so, it has given immediate visibility to current customer state and enables our product team to see product-related feedback in real-time. Because of this, more product to customer calls have occurred and has led to great conversations with our customer base.”

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