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Pendo Integration with Zendesk Timeline Provides Continuous View of User Engagement and Sentiment

Published Nov 13, 2018


Customer context at the point of communication

Pendo now integrates with Zendesk Timeline, a new feature that allows customer success and support teams to easily see important customer milestones and activities at a glance in Zendesk Support. Pendo’s integration surfaces in-app behavior and sentiment, allowing success and support team members to have as much context as possible when responding to customer inquiries.

Customer success and support teams play a pivotal role in every modern technology company. As the primary owner of the customer relationship after the initial sale is closed, success and support teams are responsible for driving adoption, cultivating best practices, and helping customers achieve positive outcomes.

Success and support teams face the challenge of proactively managing renewal and growth in what is often a low information environment. Specifically, they often lack visibility into product usage patterns, feature adoption, feedback and sentiment, and progress in completing critical onboarding steps.

The Pendo Product Cloud surfaces these insights powered by behavioral data and feedback and automates in-app engagement and campaigns to improve onboarding, drive adoption, and increase retention. We help teams deliver support and training at scale, understand user engagement, and deliver more effective customer communications.

Now Zendesk users have multiple ways to access these insights as they manage customer issues in Zendesk. They can see a snapshot of usage data with Pendo’s “Zendo” app for Zendesk, and integrate usage and sentiment data with other key customer information in Zendesk’s new Timeline feature.

The Zendo App

Our initial integration with Zendesk, which we lovingly call “Zendo,” provides agents rich usage data for improved context in handling support issues.

The Zendo app brought Pendo data to where support agents need it, allowing them to see features used and pages visited, operating system, NPS score and overall product engagement in active days and minutes.

These data points empower the support agent to have a broader context for quicker and better case resolutions.

Pendo + Customer Timeline

With our newest integration–announced today at Zendesk’s annual user conference, Relate, in San Francisco–Zendesk customers can surface customer sentiment data alongside customer milestones, financial information, and behavior to provide deep context for the frontline success and support teams as they respond to customer issues.

Pendo now allows you to see feature usage and user sentiment across the Zendesk timeline for a deeper understanding of customer history. The new Timeline feature displays important events in sequence in the agent’s primary view to understand the actions and interactions that preceded a support request as well as the overall happiness and health of the account. This allows success and support reps to better prioritize and respond to customer issues.

You can start tracking sentiment for your customers with Pendo and analyze user sentiment over time for actionable customer insights in minutes.

Pendo now offers an out-of-the-box integration with Zendesk Timeline so you can see NPS scores alongside other journey insights inside your Zendesk account.

NPS responses captured via Pendo are exposed in the new Timeline feature for deeper insight into user sentiment over time.

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