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We’re Going Live… On LinkedIn

Published Mar 28, 2019

The marketing and product teams here at Pendo are always exploring new ways to engage and inspire product managers. That’s why we launched ProductCraft just over a year ago, and why we’re bringing the editorial site to life this May with ProductCraft: The Conference.

And so, when we caught wind of LinkedIn’s new live streaming capabilities, we wanted in. After some vetting with the LinkedIn product team and some technical hurdles to overcome with a cool tool called Wirecast, we became one of the first 25 companies around the world to join the LinkedIn Live alpha program.

On March 26th, we successfully completed our first live broadcast, a Q&A with Pendo’s data scientist, Suja Thomas. It was a blast to see so many comments, questions, likes and views roll in over the minutes, hours and days to follow the session.

As part of the alpha program, we’ll host LinkedIn Live sessions weekly over a four-week period (and hopefully beyond). We hope you’ll join us. Check out the lineup below, and tune in via LinkedIn!

The State of Product Leadership 2019

When: Wednesday, April 3 at 11am PST/2pm EST
Who: Jake Sorofman, CMO, and Kevin Yanushefski, product marketing manager

Dive into the data that fuels our annual survey of product managers, and get the highlights from the inaugural U.K. edition. You’ll learn about trends shaping product management in 2019 and beyond, and the subtle but intriguing differences between product managers in the U.S. and U.K.

How to Start Your Career in Product

When: Tuesday, April 9 at 1pm PST/4pm EST
Who: Shannon Bauman, vp of products, and Christine Itwaru, director of product management

Learn helpful tips for building a career in product from a pair of experienced product leaders. Also included, insights from the dozens of interviews they’ve conducted with aspiring PMs in recent years.

Self-Disruption: A Q&A with Pendo’s Chief Product Officer

When: Tuesday, April 16 at 11am PST/2pm EST
Who: Brian Crofts, CPO

Teasing out a new talk he’s giving at the ProductCraft conference, we’ll chat with Brian about the importance of self-disruption, and the real challenges of actually doing it. Expect insightful stories from his career in product, and from the recent massive undertaking by Pendo to redesign our guide authoring experience.