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Calling all Product People: What Do You Measure and How?

Published Jan 12, 2016

At Pendo, we’re passionate about product success, and we believe that product success is tightly linked to a robust product data strategy. The early success that we have seen with many of our clients like FreeWheel, ShowClix, and Hireology bears this out, but now we want to validate the product data strategy imperative on a larger scale.

To help ourselves, our clients, and frankly anyone who is interested, we have launched our first ever product success survey. We are asking product teams to share their best practices with us: What do you measure? How often? What metrics are the most meaningful? How do you communicate with your users?  What communication channels have the greatest impact? We want to know.

The goal: We want to uncover and share the “secret sauce” – the set of key performance indicators that provide the most value, and the greatest predictors of product success. To reach this goal, we need your help. Please take 5 – 10 minutes to fill out our short 25 question survey. We need your responses in by January 22nd.
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Want to find out what we’ve learned? Check back here in February. Or, even better, subscribe to our blog. We will be sharing the full results as well as the best product success KPIs that we uncover. Thanks for your help and stay tuned…