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Pendo Story: ShowClix

Published Sep 30, 2015

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ShowClix provides full-service event ticketing and access control solutions to professional event organizers around the world. Our powerful cloud-based software, dedicated account managers, in-house call center and experienced on-site teams all work together to help event professionals sell more tickets and create memorable experiences for their attendees.

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The Challenge

We sought a clear way to track user adoption for new features while introducing incremental changes, increasing regular usage by existing clients, and enticing new users to try out our new tools.

The Solution

With the launch of Agent, a new task automation tool within the ShowClix platform, we knew we had several obstacles to overcome. The first challenge was the nature of the feature itself. Agent provides a framework for event organizers to automate changes, send alerts, or provide promotional updates, so Agent could have been considered a niche tool for only power users. We didn’t want that.  We wanted it to be used by everyone.  We needed a way to determine what improvements to make in order to boost user adoption and ensure that users were making the most of the tool. Metrics from Pendo helped us here.

The second challenge was the launch. For the initial reveal and the pitch for the tool’s benefits to event organizers, ShowClix needed to explain the tool in clear, helpful terms.  To do this, we used Pendo’s guides and walkthroughs to introduce Agent and provide important context on how to be successful using Agent.

The final challenge was to track usage and retention. With Pendo’s feature tagging, along with the Path and Funnel tools, we were also able to identify which elements of Agent were successfully retaining the user and where users were abandoning the process.

The Results

The Pendo Guides encouraged a good number of initial number of users to create Agent tasks, but we saw a quick decline after the guides had been dismissed. But, by using Pendo’s data from the initial burst of activity of the early adopters, we were able to curate a list of suggested Agent tasks and develop a new UI to help users contextually throughout the application. Since then, we have regularly seen spikes of usage as high as the initial influx.

About Pendo

Founded in 2013, Pendo is a data driven platform for product engagement that enables companies to improve on boarding, understand product usage and help retain customers. Pendo combines enterprise guidance and user insights to enable product teams to understand and influence their customer’s experience. Pendo installs in minutes with no coding required.