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Pendo Story: Hireology

Published Sep 16, 2015

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“My favorite things to build are segments reports to understand how different users engage with our platform.”
— Margot Nash, VP of Product

“Compared to Google Analytics, Pendo visualizes data in a way that is easier to absorb quickly.”
— Jeff Hannan, Data Analytics Manager

Hireology’s cloud-based Selection Manager™ helps companies organize their hiring process and use data and smart tools to make better hiring choices. We help small businesses, and large, multi-site operators such as franchise systems and auto dealerships ensure a consistent hiring and selection process across thousands of locations each and every day.

Life before Pendo

Life before Pendo meant having to think through everything we wanted to track in our software, including exactly how we wanted that usage data to appear in reports. This tracking was difficult to test, and if we made a mistake, the data was lost for good.

Benefits of Pendo

Pendo lets us have insight into what individual users are doing in our application, and then aggregate that by account to see what areas are important to our different organizations and verticals. We can access information about page views and clicks in a way that is far more meaningful and easy to digest than what Google Analytics can give us. The ability to add the tracking of pages or events without adding any additional code to our application is an amazing feature. We can release new products without having to worry if what we want to track will work once it is in production.

With Pendo, when we have a question we want answered for something we aren’t actively tracking, it takes less than five minutes to set up an event, and usually less than an hour before that data is in our hands all the way back to the date when we first installed Pendo. Plus, because there is no additional code to be added for each thing we want to track, it means tracking those items will not result in any random issues for our users.

The team at Pendo has been incredibly receptive to our feedback. They are always looking for new ideas that will help us get even more from their product, and are always willing to set up a call so we can discuss anything in detail.

About Pendo

Founded in 2013, Pendo is a data driven platform for product engagement that enables companies to improve on boarding, understand product usage and help retain customers. Pendo combines enterprise guidance and user insights to enable product teams to understand and influence their customer’s experience. Pendo installs in minutes with no coding required.