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4 ways Pendo helps drive better governance and compliance

Published Apr 4, 2024
Pendo’s data-driven digital adoption platform makes it easy for employees to work in the ways expected of them.

For any company, particularly at the enterprise level, it can be a challenge not only to get employees to use the right software, but to use that software in the right way. Whether it’s to meet important regulatory requirements, keep customer data fresh and clean, or execute a workflow in the most effective way possible, driving governance is a key pillar of an effective digital workplace. The best way to get there? Pendo’s data-driven digital adoption platform (DAP). 

When it comes to compliance, it may be tempting for IT to assume that a one-off training session or some external documentation of a process is enough. But in a world where different employees have different backgrounds, needs, and behaviors, anchoring governance motions in data is core to success. Here are four ways Pendo’s platform helps you do just that. 

1. Understand how work is actually happening

If you want to boost compliance tomorrow, it’s imperative you understand how work is happening today. Pendo’s platform gives you visibility and clarity into how employees use software, both within and across apps. You’ll know what they’re using and not, where they get stuck, and what’s working compliance-wise vs. what needs improvement. 

CIOs and leadership teams can get frustrated by knowing software is blocking a company process or workflow from being successful but not knowing why. But with Pendo’s rich analytics, they’ll have a clear view into both compliance blockers and the employees they’re affecting. 

2. Turn insights into action with customized in-app support and guidance 

Once they have a foundation of behavioral data, IT teams can begin taking action. A large factor behind many governance issues is the siloed nature of existing guidance and support. One-off in person training sessions are quickly forgotten, and cumbersome documentation housed in a random drive or wiki page location can be difficult to access. What’s more, it leaves employees frustrated as they toggle between the support and the actual workflow.

Pendo makes it easy to deploy timely, contextual, relevant guidance where and when it matters most—in the app itself, as employees are using it. With Pendo’s always-on self-serve support, employees can work in the ways expected of them with confidence.

3. Support the users who need it, and leave those who don’t alone

What makes Pendo-powered support motions uniquely effective for driving governance is how targeted and relevant analytics-derived insights can make them. IT teams can easily identify trends in behavioral data about compliance issues. Say that sales teams aren’t creating an opportunity correctly in Salesforce or another CRM platform. Are the reps who are struggling to complete it the right way new to the company? Are they from a specific office? Do they share the same role? 

Pendo gives teams answers to these and other questions and lets them tailor in-app guidance accordingly. Being able to segment based on metadata (role, location) and behavior (whether it’s someone’s first time in a workflow or app, etc.) allows teams to deploy guides only to those who need them, while leaving high performers and employees completing work correctly alone.

4. Audit and improve your support motions in real time

Once support motions are in place, teams can immediately begin assessing their effectiveness. Pendo offers the most powerful, easy to use, and impactful reporting capabilities in the digital adoption platform (DAP) market. Managers can quickly build customized dashboards to see whether and how compliance is improving. They can also pair these quantitative insights with qualitative feedback collected from Pendo-powered in-app polls and surveys about workflows, onboarding, and support. 

With this holistic view, IT teams have the power to continually increase compliance rates with even better support and process improvement. Pendo’s digital adoption solution makes it all possible.

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