Drive Feature Adoption

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Show users what’s new and how to get value from new features.

Who wants to build features that aren’t used? Nobody, of course. But the challenge is both making users aware of new features and distinguishing awareness from actual feature adoption. Your users, like the rest of us, are creatures of habit. The onus is on you to help build new habits as new features are released.

Deliver Feature Announcements

Pendo makes it easy to promote new features directly in your product to drive both awareness and adoption.

  • Target based on user profile or behavior to show users announcements that are most important to them
  • Scale announcements from small release notes to major announcement modals
  • Share updates without cluttering the user experience
  • Measure feature uptake post-announcement to understand specific adoption rates
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What’s New?

“It’s really easy to put a guide out there targeted to all the customers who haven’t adopted a feature. In some cases we saw a 1000% increase in feature stage in a week after pushing a guide.”

— Todd Meyer, Sr. Product Manager

A Smooth Transition for Major Updates

When you make a major product update or UI change, awareness generally isn’t your problem. But making users comfortable and proficient in the new experience is often another story. Pendo walkthroughs can explain and guide users through significant product changes.

  • Pre-announce impending changes, and take users step-by-step through the updates
  • Personalize walkthroughs to show users how to access the features they use the most
  • Collect feedback during the training to gauge customer reactions to the change
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Product Walkthroughs

Ensure Users are Aware of and Engaging with Your Latest Features

By delivering feature announcements and guidance in-app, you can measure whether new releases are delivering value, and reduce the spike in support costs that often come with the rollout of significant product changes.

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