Pendo for Mobile

Understand and guide your users through a seamless product journey on any device

With Pendo for Mobile, you can create a connected digital experience across your mobile and web product portfolio. Analyze how users interact with your solution in all settings, and understand what causes frustration and delight. Use these insights to tailor in-app guidance based on user behavior and device.

Track user behavior across platforms

Collect and analyze product data in both web and mobile environments to gain a more complete understanding of how users interact with your solution. Tie behavior to revenue and retention to know how multi-screen usage impacts your most important KPIs.

Capitalize on mobile insights to innovate faster

Identify which features users embrace and which they ignore to inform a more effective mobile engagement strategy. Innovate faster with the ability to drive desired behavior in-app with code-free messaging.

Engage and retain mobile users

Guide users toward the most valuable product experience, regardless of platform. Create audiences based on app usage (first-time, loyal or returning users) or demographics (app version, device types, etc) to deliver the right message at the right time.

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